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by Ed Bugos, Dollar Vigilante:

Human beings have a major cognitive dissonance problem when it comes to taxes. For some reason they don’t see it as an armed extortion racket. Some even think it is “voluntary”… but as we’ll show, it is far from voluntary.

Some people may fail to file taxes for numerous reasons, like personal or business problems, feelings of hopelessness or fear due to the burdensome tax process, anti-theft sentiments, or beliefs that the penalty won’t be worse than the expense and trouble of filing.

The US tax system is officially based on taxpayers willfully paying their obligations. Unofficially, its based on the barrel of a gun, which you will learn about in this article. If you fail to file for a period of time, the US government will, officially, consider a voluntary disclosure when deciding whether or not to, unofficially, murder you, or, if you’re “lucky,” throw you in a cage. If you comply, the government might even reduce your tax liability if you’re toiling in poverty enough as it is.

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  • notix

    This detax method works even after declaring taxable income.

    It is not “contract” based like Mary Elizabeth Croft or Dean Clifford. It is about understanding “Property Rights”.

    The NAME registered with the registering authority is the property owner of the NAME together with any obligations imposed on the NAME as that party has received value (the NAME).

    The man who is living, free will, and in age of majority (adult) is NOT property to any party and is not subject to any legislation including confiscation of the fruits of his labor. Keep in mind, the living free will adult man has no income as he merely converts his physical and mental labor for remuneration.

    Since he is not property to any party nor voluntarily attached as an accessory to the NAME, he is not subject to any obligations imposed on the NAME.

    The NAME however is subject to legislation and confidcation of the fruits of it’s labor. Notice the NAME was referred to as “it” as it has no mind or body and cannot render any value for conversion into remuneration.

    The living free will man has no NAME, as adult, but has commonly called names or appelations, such as “you there”, “hey you”, “Bob”, “John Henry of the family Doe”, …

    The living free will man uses the legal identity NAME/ person as his agent in commerce and trustee in trust only to interract with the fictional commercial world out of private necessity to sustain and maintain his life as that NAME is associated with the MAN via Birth Registration. Just because the NAME is associated with the man via Birth Registration does not mean the living free will man is attached as an accessory to the NAME and thus subject to any obligations imposed on that NAME.

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