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Investors Squeeze Trailer Park Renters: “The Economics Are Compelling… There’s a Lot More Poor People Than Rich”

from Ready Nutrition:

America is filled with lots of poor people these days, and there’s plenty of money to be made off them.

With Wall Street already turning once-homeowners into renters in housing neighborhoods, billionaires and entrepreneurs are now investing in trailer parks, where they are making considerable fortunes off of raising the rent on the poorest among us.

The economic concept is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

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7 comments to Investors Squeeze Trailer Park Renters: “The Economics Are Compelling… There’s a Lot More Poor People Than Rich”

  • Mr PappaFace

    My favorite quote from the video is “people should try to emulate the 1%”. But fundamentally under the 1%’s business model/feudalism the masses can never thrive out of the 99% serfdom of debt. So the trailer park billionaire statement is false and in fact mental programing to lore greedy people to a week market to drive up prices for there own trailer parks. Similar to the blackstone buying 40,000 homes in a week market in 2011 renting those homes to middle class families who were crushed by the collapse and in 2014-15 unloading them on flippers or mid level investors. Also Blackstone bundle those homes into securities and sold the securities to investors in a rigged inflated market.
    This is not capitalism… Just Monopoly men with their predatory nature. Who justify greed to crush the poor into the ground.

    • Ed_B

      Agree that this is not capitalism, as the socialists would have people believe. No, this is what I call “crapitalism”… a system with the worst possible features of socialism and capitalism with almost none of the benefits of either system.

  • Mark R

    Only the park owner can know his own motivations. There is nothing wrong with improving a slum and renting a higher quality bit of real estate. Were it not for that, real property spirals into an even worse place to live. And we know what providing public housing results in–squalor. There is the greed factor, which is something in the heart of the investor. What is a reasonable rent increase? And there will always be predatory land lords. But the opposite end is the feel good, “don’t raise their rents” mentality which results in no investors putting in their capital for improvements. The real villains in this story are the bankers and governments whose policies and actions result in so many poor people.

  • Sheryl Anne

    This is Agenda 21 at it’s finest. All those would be investor’s will eventually lose
    all of their investment. Note: No more mobile home parks being built. Why?? part of Agenda 21 – moving people into big cities – into big government apartments – ever see Russia during the day? Well, that is what this is folks. Of course, they will make it look and sound like a good thing to the people who have worked and saved their money – but in the end it’s just closing in on our liberties and freedoms.

    Remember, the middle class is losing ground every year – it is going to continue. What happens to these people then?? Yup, into government housing –

    • glitter 1

      Sheryl Anne,

      Well said! If you ever saw the movie “The Fifth Element” and recall the apartment Bruce Willis lived in,like 8’x 25′,that is what they have planned for the masses,that survive “The Culling”

  • Ed_B

    Interesting that trailer parks were selected for the theme in this article. How is a renting a trailer park space any different from renting an apartment? It’s really not any different, so why not bring up apartments in terms of rents rising? The bottom line is this: ownership is the path to wealth. When one rents, they do not own, so are not part of the ownership class and whether that rental is a home, an apartment, or a trailer park space matters not a bit. The fact is, when one owns and rents the property they own, they do this to make money. If renting what is owned was not profitable, no one would do it. Therefore, it makes financial sense to own if one can and to rent when one cannot.

  • Bill

    You know that the “hundreds” of items on the initial improvements list are ALL cosmetic. This type of park isn’t maintaining a pool or clubhouse. You can raise the rents but you still have the decaying, depreciating asset which is not being cared for at all by the tenants. Operates on the Greater Fool Theory…last owner who paid the highest price is left holding the bag. looking at that bus, there are a load of fools.

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