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Inflation acts as a pickpocket on the wallets of working Americans

A college degree might be your ticket. College earning power dwindles over the last 15 years.


Inflation is a very real thing.  The Fed continues to downplay the impacts of inflation to support their ongoing easy monetary policy.  What this has created is an inflated stock market and hot money chasing into other asset classes including real estate.  This wouldn’t be such an issue if your typical working American family was benefitting.  Instead, it is assisting larger financial institutions and big investors to pick up assets in all segments of the real economy and consequently crowds out regular buyers.  Inflation is the end outcome of all this kind of action.  More easy money chasing the same number of goods in the economy.  The way inflation is measured is odd and it also understates the impact being pushed onto younger Americans.  How is this the case?  The CPI gives very little weight to educational costs yet for many attending college, this is by far their biggest expense.  Let us look at inflation in various segments going back to 2000.

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1 comment to Inflation acts as a pickpocket on the wallets of working Americans

  • Ed_B

    “Inflation acts as a pickpocket on the wallets of working Americans”

    Ya think? :-/

    Inflation: the rate at which the buying power of a fiat currency is destroyed

    Remember this whenever some idiot bankster starts raving about “inflation being too low”.

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