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India Plans to Build 100 ”Smart” Cities for the Elites

by Joshua Krause, Activist Post:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the rich kept getting richer? I’m not talking about the 1%. They mostly consist of upper-middle-class business owners and real estate agents. No, I’m talking about the 1% of the 1%. The real power behind the throne. The financial and political elite. If their wealth and power continued to grow by leaps and bounds at the expense of everyone else, how do you think they would live their lives?

If you’re curious about the nature of this dystopian future, then look no farther than India, where the government is preparing to break ground on the new “Gift City” which will segregate the elites from the rabble, and should be completed by 2021. It will be a glittering enclave with top-notch building codes, 24-hour electricity, and clean water.

High-speed sewage pipelines will rocket their waste out of the city at speeds of 90km per hour (you can’t make this stuff up) and the wide uncongested streets will carry an efficient public transport system. At the center of this gilded settlement, will be a “Command and Control Center” that monitors traffic, and utilizes an extensive system of CCTV cameras. Despite the sprawling surveillance that would make most sane people uncomfortable, compared to the rest of this impoverished nation it will be a veritable utopia.

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3 comments to India Plans to Build 100 ”Smart” Cities for the Elites

  • Fred Hayek

    One has to love the Indian people for their culture including its deep appreciation of gold.

    But, as with China, one’s affinity for India cannot be without reservation as the corruption and explicit promotion, not just acceptance but promotion, of inequality is despicable.

  • Ed_B

    On the other hand, this could easily become an example of what a 21st century city SHOULD be. But not just for the few but for the many.

    Being rich IS better than being poor. I know because I have had some of each of those. When one is rich, one can afford the best of everything that one desires. This is better than living paycheck to paycheck…particularly when unforeseen events derail those paychecks.

    The rich are not better than anyone else… but they CAN afford better things than anyone else.

  • Steelerdude

    Even if I could afford and move into a “smart” city, I wouldn’t…I couldn’t trust it.
    If I was an elite, it would have to be a stand alone island with my own security…

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