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How Saudi Arabia Sets The Global (Currency) Markets

from Secular Investor:

Most investors believe that the U.S. dollar is the primary influence upon commodity prices. While there certainly is a strong correlation between the dollar and commodities, we would argue that the real dynamics in the market work slightly differently.

Example: Oil has the potential to set the dollar price, which in turn puts pressure on the broader commodity complex. Has the world turned upside down? Please bear with us as we explain our view.

There is an almost perfect negative correlation between crude oil and the U.S. dollar. Consequently, crude oil has a strong positive correlation with the euro. The next two charts show those relationships.

Crude Oil (red) versus EUR (black)

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2 comments to How Saudi Arabia Sets The Global (Currency) Markets

  • Gnostic

    Once one realizes that the Saudi Royal Family are crypto-Jews who never oppose Israel, it all makes sense, Of course this author will never tell you that.

    • anon

      Also, in 1971, when Nixon removed the (USD) gold standard, the USD became the “Petrodollar”, i.e., it became tied to (Saudi) OIL, instead of gold. So, since the USD/FRN is still the sole global reserve currency, which is tied to Saudi Oil, it makes complete sense that it would be the SAUDIS who would “set the global currency markets” –

      Via their control of OIL, & OIL MARKETS.

      It doesn’t take a lengthy article and charts to see the connection.

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