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How Our Family Unplugged From The Matrix & Went Off-Grid

from ZenGardner:

So what exactly changes when you up and walk away from the only way of living you’ve ever known?

When your 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home on 800 square metres (a 5th of an acre) of land is exchanged for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom cabin on 400,000 square metres (100 acres). When your mortgage gets cut in half and power bills are replaced by solar energy? When fluoridated and chlorinated water is replaced by spring-water and rainwater, not only for drinking but cooking, showering, washing?

When the air you breathe is no longer filtered by a thousand car exhausts, but rather billions of plants?

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1 comment to How Our Family Unplugged From The Matrix & Went Off-Grid

  • Craig escaped Detroit

    The article headline was great, the body of the article was krappy useless and sounded more like a “teaser” for a future article.

    And why do so many men grow big, messy, full beards and desire to look like some Taliban muslim?
    (looking like “duck dynasty” or “mountain man” will get you stopped and grabbed at the FEMA roadblocks for sure.)

    Best chance to avoid the FEMA selection? is to be looking like a Morman banker or insurance salesman.. (short hair, business suit, tie, and dress shoes.) No “NRA” stickers,, no off road 4X4, etc.

    Give me a REAL article about getting away from city life and real life living a more sustainable life.

    But of course, don’t go without electrical power if the price is low enough (as the benefits are usually very nice.)
    For those who prefer to really be “off grid”,, I’d say,, have a few thousand watts of solar panels so you can run some lights, microwave, and perhaps a small heat pump (ductless units are available in SUPER efficient ratings= 900 watt consumption for 12,000 BTU output-heating OR cooling.)

    No need to suffer thru those very hot days or very cold nites. (or even just to run a 100w electric blanket on those winter nites!)

    An electric well pump and ceiling fan,, don’t need much daily power,, so yes,, being off grid is good,, but having some convenience is great too.

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