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How Do We Counter Military Worship?

from corbettreport:

In this edition of the Questions For Corbett podcast, James answers your questions on how to snap people out of the military matrix, the Japanese zaibatsu, Israel and geopolitics, Mao’s Great Famine and more. Also, James asks viewers their thoughts on Cuba-US relations, personal care products and staying positive amongst the negative news.

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11 comments to How Do We Counter Military Worship?

  • Craig escaped Detroit

    Snapping out of the “Military Worship Syndrome”?

    Getting sent to the FEMA camps will do it.

  • Eric

    Show this to the christians…

    ‘Marching to Zion’ Official Full Film – Youtube

  • Ed_B

    Want to end military worship? No problem. Just sign up and do a hitch.

  • Iraq Vet

    “Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier…” Samuel Johnson.
    I think Corbett must be suffering from self-loathing. Come on Sean, why post this negative drivel disrespecting the honorable profession of arms. Oh, that’s right-“All wars are banker’s wars.” “War is a racket.” At least Butler had put his life on the line. Sounds like the same self-loathing from those who have not raised their hand nor put any skin in the game. What sacrifices have most of you made? You and Corbett continue to speak of propaganda. Yet you promote a propaganda of your own. Counter military worship? Why don’t we seek men and women who desire to build up, not tear down. Seems that’s all Corbett can do.

    “Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier…”

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      I’m a vet so, judging said right by your criteria, I gather I have some higher right to an opinion, now that I’ve served. Serving one’s nation in its hour of need is truly honourable but only if it is justified by foul deed and sanctioned by Congress. That’s the law and our representatives are ignoring that, by-passing checks and balances and allowing the military complex to ride roughshod over them. Other than being an 18th century poet and linguist, who the hell is Samuel Johnson? Your selection using his quote is a oxymoronic, he being someone who never served, albeit a literary giant of his time.
      As for Sean’s and Corbett’s opinions of having an armed force as a standing army and one that has served the nation as the destabilization agents used to overthrow many nations around the world, usually under false pretences (take your pick of regimes or nations trampled on by US since 1913), it’s little wonder that they pull those who hold the Constitution dear and the Bill of Rights sacrosanct. You have the stars and stripes blinding your vision and view of the world. Have you ever wondered about the attack on the USS Liberty? Have you ever considered the Gulf of Tonkin incident? Have you ever wondered why the world didn’t implode after the US abandoned Saigon? Have you ever wondered why you accepted Colin Powell’s cartoon evidence of WMDs presented to the UN or for that matter the lack of one single bit of a weapon found? Have you ever wondered where they get the money to fight these wars? Have you ever wondered why they treat your fellow vets the way they do when they return home mangled and maimed, or dead if they’re lucky? Did you ever wonder what would be the benefit of the US winning the war in Afghanistan or Iraq? Have you ever wondered what the head of the CIA was doing in the Ukrain capital when the uprising was going on? Have you ever asked the question of why the US created ISIS and funded them? Oh, say can you see?

      • Iraq Vet

        Oh, I see Sergio. I see indeed. Thank you for your service. Be proud of it. I must ask the question, why is it that on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day, this website seeks to tear down military service and in this case military members? Still propaganda. Corbett and Sean have their agenda too. It is easy to tear down. I wrote a paper in college over 20 years ago about all the American invasions of Nicaragua. Stars and Stripes don’t cloud my vision. As a teacher of Social Studies, I make sure my students know that the Constitution means something and that they must question overreaches by the government. Military worship? Please. And don’t tell me my service was for nothing because “TPTB” got richer off of it. I am richer for having served. You are too Sergio. God Bless You. He is Risen.

      • Gnostic


        PS- With all the male rapes in the military (more than female) WHY THE HELL WOULD ANY MAN SERVE THESE SODOMITES?

        Perhaps that is why Iraq Vet has fondness for his duty?

  • Gnostic

    Why not have a military of women & homos like Israel.

  • Gnostic

    Retired Special Forces Master Sergeant Stan Goff explains what military life really entails. 3 min video

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