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Hillary Clinton’s RICO trial announced by federal court judge

by Lori Stacey, Examiner:

Although presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton wants the current controversies surrounding her emails, her charity’s suspicious donors, the Benghazi consulate slaughter and other questionable activities to be in the rearview mirror of her race for the White House, a Florida judge on Friday set a trial date for a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Criminal Organization) lawsuit brought against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by a Washington, D.C., watchdog group that specializes in government corruption and criminal enterprise cases.

U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks of Florida’s Federal District Court in West Palm Beach, officially announced on Friday, May 29, 2015, that the civil RICO trial — Klayman v. Hillary Clinton et all — will commence on Wednesday, January 25, 2016, which is also noticeably a major election year. The plaintiff in the case is former Justice Department prosecutor, now public interest attorney, Larry Klayman. Klayman is the founder and former president of Judicial Watch and now the founder and chief attorney of Freedom Watch, a nonprofit organization that uses the federal civil court system to expose government corruption and abuse.

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9 comments to Hillary Clinton’s RICO trial announced by federal court judge


    Remember boyz and gurls….NOBODY IS or has gone to jail???

  • Rosphere

    I recall Larry Klayman, founder and former president of Judicial Watch, being on her and her husband’s case way back when Bill was president. Fat load of good he did then. We gonna see some more grand jury indictments sealed up and forgotten?

    • SGT

      sorry for the delay in approving your comment, just saw it. Once you have made a few comments the spam filter will let you through w/o “approval” – it just needs to recognize that you’re a real person, not a spam bot. Thx!

  • James in NY

    More spin, photo ops and sound bites. This fascist pig will never see the box she deserves. The American people are screwed, drunk at the wheel, and pitiful examples of the word American. Compliance software is hard wired into the brain dead sheeple. Uprising against Tyranny is not in the vocabulary. Get ready for the bumper stickers from the clueless.

  • James in NY

    And then there’s Jeb, net worth 10 million. Bush gangster. Monarch A or Monarch B. Both equal C for keep the good times rolling, robbing, looting, Killing, Molesting the Constitution, Taxation, Corporate Collusion, etc. GOOD TIMES

  • James in NY

    All fascist pond scum.

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