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Garth Brooks Performs “Mom”

from Garth Brooks, via HeavenOnEarth:

Here’s a Live version from GMA

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10 comments to HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Moms!

  • Cathy Hutchins

    Beautiful Song! Happy Mother’s Day to All Moms, Moms-to-Be and Those Who Unselfishly Give as Moms.

    • long John silver

      Cathy, we’re you once posting on the SKF yahoo message board?

      • long John silver

        It was Nancy, I stand corrected.

        Years before this site was up, the SKF message board, was the best message board in exchanging information that we do on this site. I was naive loading up on this etf, not knowing of the bleeding designed by the cabal of course. That message board has lost most of the credible posters. I bought my first gold and silver coins back then, it feels ages ago.

  • Mike

    Happy Mom’s Day ladies.

  • long John silver

    My personal view, all these days including Christmas are created by man, why not have mothers day everyday and father’s day for that matter, throw in a children’s day everyday. When we live in love, we love everyday, when living in fear we need a special day, just my opinions.

    • Eric


      Your opinions are accurate. Love is our soul purpose.

      • long John silver

        Eric, we are being programmed to live in fear. If we lived in love, war would be a thing of the past, but the cabal with total control of Hollywood is molding society, they tell us what to believe.

        I was living in Temecula over the winter, and missing California,many trips to Newport Beach. .

        • Eric

          That’s why I remain here long John. A lot of people here still don’t get that. But more are figuring it out.

          • long John silver

            I Have A Cousin Living in studio city, she works for ticket master, she was in ARIZONA for the super bowl, 10 days, then off to new York, so tied to the system, she had no time to meet her cousin. People are so clueless, my brother paid $350 for the baseball home opener.


    SWEET MaMa…..she knew us 9 mos. before anybody else did?
    H A P P Y M O T H E R’s D A Y

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