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GUEST POST: EMF — Knowledge is Power… What You DON’T Know, Can Kill You

by willygroper, SGT

Let me state my intent right off the bat. It’s to help folks from experiencing grief, medical bills and educate from my personal experience and also taken from others journey’s.  It is in no way intended as advice, medical or otherwise. This information is for research purposes applied to your particular situation. It is intended to keep you from wasting your time, resources and alleviating the need to reinvent the wheel. It is intended to help you sectionalize and isolate issues you may not be aware of due to EMF exposure.

                          EMF                                                                 EMF
        /                 |            \               \                                              |
Nutrition       Illness    Medical    Death                                 Smart Meters
                                                                                                Cell Phones
                                                                                                Cordless Phones-DECT 6.0 Deadly
                                                                                                Microwave Ovens
                                                                                                All emit biologically damaging 
                                                                                                electromagnetic frequency
Dirty Electricity
            |                                                                                        Smart Homes/Appliances
Transformers e.g. Power supply for electronics                                                |
CFL Light Bulbs                                                                                        Dumb Idea
Motors (especially variable speed)                                    

Do not think anything such as muscle twitches as insignificant. You may find they are synchronized with digital pulse modulation as are many other maladies.

Do an antenna search on your home and have it measured with an RF analyzer. If need be, build a faraday cage for your sleeping quarters for immediate mitigation.

Get rid of the above mentioned items. Get your house wired for ethernet and get corded phones.

I know it’s going backward and inconvenient. Do you want to pay now or a much higher price later?

YouTube Videos with more in depth info.

Health Problems with Smart Meters – Reading Smart Gas and Electric Meters

Health Problems with Smart Meters, Jay, Oklahoma – The Meter Man – Joe Esposito

Medical References
About Dr. Jack Kruse    Read his bio then pick your malady from his blog tab.

Dr. Joel Wallach. Good products. Won a lawsuit with the FDA…no easy feat. Many of our medical maladies are as engineered as the FED.

Suggested reading especially if you’re in a pinch medically you can search your symptoms.
Personally, I like to have this material in book form as opposed to an EBook. What happens if you lose power?

Dead Doctors Don’t Lie & Epigenetics by Dr. Joel Wallach

Minerals for the Genetic Code by Charles Walters, the epilog will gobsmack you!
Minerals are positively and negatively charged which your body requires in the right ratios for night time regeneration/healing of cells.

The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow, co-written by Dr. David Brownstein  (thyroid, reproductive, men & women)   As a note, one person mentioned a drop of iodine. In this material, you will find how selenium, sea salt and co-factors are necessary for uptake.  There is an inaccurate skin test, you can look this up too. To get a proper measurement, you need an iodine loading test. Bromine, now in bread and BVO in soft drinks displace iodine and you must displace the bad halogen first then replace with the good halogen-iodine.

The Magnesium Factor by Mildred Seelig and Andrea Rosanoff

Chemistry of Man by Bernard Jensen

Since the 1930’s the Department of Agriculture deemed our soil mineral depleted. You can look this up.

Even if you’re buying organic, you still may not be getting the nutrients necessary to maintain health and prevent disease. EMF destroys the soil microorganisms necessary for crops. Add to this what the EMF toxic soup we live in and cannot outrun, what’s depleting our bodies stores and you get the picture of a perfect storm.

I cannot express the importance of vitamin D. It’s the top of the pyramid. Below that is Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium. The benchmark for D is between 35-100. I can tell from experience (3 times) when I became deficient, I began having neurological symptoms akin to Parkinson’s of which my mother died from. Once sufficient, good to go.

My wishes for all is to live free, long and happy.
Best to all,

In Loving Memory of Bryce.

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34 comments to GUEST POST: EMF — Knowledge is Power… What You DON’T Know, Can Kill You

  • SGT

    Thank YOU Willy. It takes ALL of us working together to stay on top of the practically countless ways in which we are under attack. And providing solutions is a most welcome approach. If you have an important perspective on the issues we cover here at SGT Report and have written about it intelligently, please submit your original article, or even just a few paragraphs with a corresponding You Tube video you think people should watch, to [email protected] – thanks.

  • Johan

    I cant stress how paramount it is that anyone with WIFI at home get rid of it and replace it with non-wireless.

    No one should have more than 1 microW/m2 or 0.001mW where they sleep. Specially not if you have children.

    Get an Electrosmog meter and make sure. 160$ at Amazon

  • Hugo

    Hi Willy,

    Thanks for this post. If you like constructive feedback from the lessons I learned from writing articles I have and like to give two I learned. The knowledge you write about since you studied it exceeds the knowledge of the common reader by far. Try not to fall victim of the overloading the reader with info in the piece your write.

    I had info overload with the many links your piece showes. Iam sure they are great videos and articles but since no rough info on what they are about I wont klic them. It takes many houres to see, read and digest that info and since no way to prioritise the digestion of info, non be seen, read and so on. That is a shame since Iam sure all is good info.

    What you learned took many years to learn. To think you can jam all that into 1 or even 3 articles you are kidding yourself I think. But hey, think I learned the hard way (smile) and still not sure about the right form to present info the right way.

    Ofcourse I like your efford, dont get me wrong. Just trying to tell my experience trying to ”project” the things I learned wrinting. For me writing is harder then get getting the ideas on a global level are floated. I wish I could relate better in words with other humans.

    All the best with your writing and hope you consider this constructive feedback so u write the coming half a year about all the EMF pollution every 2 weeks (smile).

    Regards, Hugo

    • glitter 1

      Very interesting!

    • Gnostic

      Eric, Great find!

      Assuming they are real, which seems to be the case, My bet is they did not come from outer space, Rather they live deep below the surface & have always been here, No idea how advanced they are but I am guessing highly advanced & working with military towards some nefarious agenda. There may also be various species opposing each other.

      PS- They want us to believe they are ET’s so they can fake an attack.

      “As above so is below”

      • Eric

        Well I have no idea if it’s real or not. Just sharing.

        But my take is that ET’s did come here from beyond our solar system and crashed in 1947. It was covered up by the military. And treaties were signed. Other species have come here and are walking among us. I see too many weirdos walking around to assume that they are all human. 😉 Some live below the surface and some have been here pretty much the entire time. They may have left for a while before returning. We really don’t know. All we really know is they haven’t told us anything.

        I think if they want to fake an attack, they can do that at any time and most idiots will gobble it up. But I don’t think they will do that until the rest of the war attempts aren’t working for them anymore. They would rather rape our souls as long as they can as long as the vampires can feed off our fear.

  • willygroper


    Thanks for the input. I’m in no way a professional writer. Heck, you can’t even tell english is my first language. By golly you were almost right! It was 3 yrs of digging like a blood hound looking for a bone to resolve medical issues that dropping $8K on worthless medical tests & advice did not alleviate. Too often, we wait until the barn’s burning to realize we need insurance. I cut to the chase for those suffering now. It usually takes a catastrophe, death, medical or financial emergency to move us into action and by then most folks are really torqued and don’t think straight.

    I hope you never need any of it. If you do nothing but look at these 2 links, it may pique your curiosity further to devote your time if only incrementally by 15 minutes.

    See the little guy at the bottom? He’s no longer with me & therein lies my motivation.

    Best to you.

    • Hugo


      Dont get me wrong, Iam not professional writer either. I understand your suffering to a degree for sure. Ofcourse our experiences with the medical ”services” are totally different since I live in an non native English country. Still, the system(s) being rolled out a in the west now is nasty and has big overlaps. I think its economic, health, war, and social/natural systems mostly. All are breaking down and are in different stages of that I think.

      On a positive note, glad you could appreciate my input. We need to educate eachother after all. One cannot be in to know on all major themes. Is it not lovely that we now communicate over the continents and have the same very general positive thoughts? On liberty and long live the republic (my country is now a monargy but was a republic)

      Regards, Hugo

  • PTS

    Hi Willy,

    Thank you for your time and effort with this. My prayers go out to the Lord on your behalf for continued healing to your family.


  • Kev

    Good info and good advice! Wanted to chime in to point you to a company really helping with a lot of this wireless “stuff”.
    It’s called I saw a lot of other stuff cheaper but these guys are real quality and totally American!

    All the best to you and thanks again!

    • willygroper


      I took a look and it sounds good for when you’re carrying it on you. I’d personally have to measure it.

      According to Barry Trower a cell phone should be kept a minimum of 1 meter away from you and after 6 min using it, you’ve done permanent damage.

      I know a man with two autistic children. Compare a chart of the exponential adoption of cell phones and autism. All one has to do is connect the dots on ever increasing maladies and the new and improved corresponding drug therapy. If one digs further (common in SSRI’s) you’ll find in the chemical composition of this pharma, a fluoride molecule.

      Restless Leg
      Dry Eye

      I’d rather go back to a fruit jar and a string as it’s really nothing more than slow electricution and the equivalent of an ankle bracelet. Many people need to be accessible, especially those sandwiched.

      Me, not so much. It’s peaceful.

      Be safe.

  • Eric

    This was an excellent interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. We have to create our own markets and dump the scorpions.

    “It is a repulsion against something which is so perverted, and unhealthy, and inhuman that they want nothing to do with it.”

  • Tom G.

    Thanks for putting that together WG. Appreciate it.

    • willygroper

      You’re welcome.

      The best gift you could give me in memory of my son, is to pass this to awakened or suffering people.

      God Bless

  • There are various “earthing” products on the market that purportedly mitigate EMF issues. The concept is very simple and if the products do what they are supposed to do then we have a simple and effective solution to electronic pollution.

    Here’s a video with Mercola demonstrating earthing devices:

    • willygroper

      Mercola is good. He’s a truther.

      Let me save you some money. Go outside & stand on the ground barefoot or take a bath.
      Both discharge electro-static. This is but one thing you need to be doing. It’s not going to mitigate your mineral/vitamin depletion or DNA/Mitochondrial damage.

      This rabbit hole is deep with multiple parties in their lair patiently waiting to separate you from you money while inflicting maximum pain.

      There’s also a pad to put under your mattress to shield you. $1-1.6K.
      My solution is a memory foam bed or get rid of your box springs & use a wooden bed frame.

      Amalgam fillings/crowns exacerbate the pollution too.

      • long John silver

        I Removed All The Mercury FROM My Mouth Last year, Root Canal Gone As well. All the poison that we are lead to believe is food, has destroyed our teeth, but we are kept in the dark.

  • long John silver

    Grounding is very important, for thousands of years we have walked with no shoes, we slept on the ground for sometime as well. It is good to walk on mother earth barefoot, help neutralize all the positive charges in our bodies.

  • Eric

    What happened to Vince Foster???

    Veterans Truth Network (4-27-15) Stew Webb, Larry Nichols, Chip Tatum


    LANGNIAPPE……to the 10th power!!!

  • leia

    BTW I just wanted to alert everyone that there are separate broadcasting devices that “look” harmless that hook up to non-broadcasting smart or analog meters (in my case water meter IN MY BASEMENT). My water company installed one with no disclosure about what it really was. It happened to be around the same time that verizon forced us from our copper phone line to the fiber optic, so I thought it was part of the telephone hardware. Here is my short video about it with EMF readings:

    After getting a lawyer to write a threatening letter they removed it (key was putting medical liability on them). Now i take a picture of the reading and email it to them every month. So simple and so clear their is an ulterior agenda.

    If you are unclear on whether it broadcasts look for a power line going to the meter or the separate broadcaster like I had in the video.

  • willygroper


    Thanks so much for sharing that. My carrier is has a mandate to remove the PSN by 2020. They are slapping antennas up on homes for those that only order voice service.

    Major irony is I have fiber optic running through my lot that’s not in use. I’d love to have fiber.

    We’ve been fighting smart meters here like you wouldn’t believe. The money, hush money would more accurately describe it, is too powerful.

    I’m going to share your info. Many thanks!

    • leia


      The reason I don’t like the fiber optic is if the power goes out you only have (allegedly) 10 or so hours of battery back-up for the phone land line. We’ve lost power for days with hurricane Sandy and other ice storms through the years. The copper requires no power. The real reason they are forcing it on us though is it’s easier to route our phone calls through NSA, I’m sure.

      • willygroper

        True. In 1996 when Colin Powell’s son was on the FCC was when all the media was allowed to consolidate. A subsequent ruling allowing the RBOC’s to dismantle the public switched network has allowed the advancement of VOIP which is what you have on fiber. The PSN had battery backup in case of the loss of commercial power with 99% reliability. This isn’t going to be the case going forward. By 2020 all communications will be either wireless or VOIP as they are dismantling the PSN as fast as they can. This will not sit well in emergency scenarios for the reason you mentioned which is probably exactly how TPTB want it. The only work around I see is to have a backup generator which is probably a good idea for numerous scenarios, especially food.

        BTW, I was watching Intellicast Java radar loop as Sandy hit. You could see, live, how that storm was directed intentionally with HAARP. I’ve watched many others spawn tornado’s (Moore, OK)and have screen shots of some. Dig deeper into the basement flooding of alleged paper securities storage, & you’ll find DTCC and Cede & co, AKA arm of Federal Reserve. Think MERS real estate scam only with ALL securities you think you MAY own digitally. This is going to be the greatest swindle of all time when they pull the plug.

        • leia


          I know it. Sandy was like no other. It was the most frightening storm I’ve ever experienced. There were also lots of strange blue flashes in the sky. It was not like lightning (which is white) and it was not like transformers blowing (happened where there were no transformers blowing). Very odd indeed.

  • gary h

    i grow all my veggies in the Summer..I also have apple tree,Raspberry,Strawberry,& Blackberry bushes,& freeze enough fruits to eat everyday till fresh again next some..lots actually,that we bring to food bank, a we do all x-tra vegetables for the homeless-needy-hungry-vets, & why i grow waaaay more than we can eat ourselves, as THAT was my call to duty from the feed the needy as best I can..I do it all myself too, as no one else in family has any interest in growing food,although my 89 year old mom will help me bring the organic food to food bank..
    there are 26 houses on my street & all properties have land and 25 of them are grass worshipers that think NOTHING of spraying their beautiful pristine sacred lawns with poisons that drain right into our well drinking water.WHAT?
    .they wouldn’t dream of tearing up their beautiful grass to make a vegetable garden..WHAT!? tear up my lawn for what?? for a veggie garden?? you must be kidding! NO WAY!
    I have Pro-Pur water purification system to filter water..I wouldn’t dream of drinking any water that wasn’t purified by GRAVITY purification system, or steam distilled..any system that forces water through filters faster than gravity is crap![but better than nothing]i am the ONLY one who grows ANYTHING on my block,[they are all too dam lazy IMHO to grow their own food, so if they get sick[AND THEY MOST ASSUREDLY WILL] they earned it eating the lifeless-nutrition-less grocery store processed-poisoned food]
    except for a women 8 houses down,
    that has 3 magnificent apple trees that were loaded with apples 4 years ago but NO APPLES THE LAST 4 YEARS EXCEPT last year,2014..same with our apple tree here..I got apples last year too, and none 2011,2012,or 2013 lots of Rasp,straw,& Black berry’s every year though to make up for no pear tree died,but again the other stuff filled in nicely..It’s getting to the point,
    if you want nutrition in your food,you must buy it from a local farmer[still no guarantee] but if at all possible YOU MUST GROW VEGETABLES YOURSELF..the produce at the store is tasteless & nutrition-less mush IMO..I can’t taste any taste in store produce..the soil its grown in is completely worn out & the only reason it grows at all is CHEMICALS CHEMICALS & MORE CHEMICALS…year after year after year in 100% depleted soil..I can’t remember the last time i was sick..30 years ago at least ,but I believe it was when i was in elementary school, I had a fever once, so that’s fifty+ years ago, as I’m almost 60..I eat a chopped up organic garlic clove, & a red cayenne pepper capsule every day with breakfast & believe THAT, & eating my own food I know is loaded with nutrition,moderate exercise cutting the grass with push mower & taking care of gardens[in Summer] is why i never get sick.[5 back surgeries limits some exercise].I don’t travel anymore unless I KNOW I can get organic food where I’m going..My usual vacation is the Hedonism II in Jamaica as i like to run around in my birthday suit for a week.
    looking at monuments & stuff can all be done online now,
    so why go to a tourist trap hotel & eat ????????
    .. although I would like to visit the pyramids to see the incredible architecture & wonder How the F they got those 100 ton boulders moved.. period..
    & moved upward -skyward! AMAZING!!!!
    over 2,000 years ago too! FASCINATING to say the least..the builders of the pyramids & temples & Roman Coliseum were ?????????????? INCREDIBLE MASONS-BUILDERS
    they MUST have had technology we not know of/about & very possibly never will..
    START YOUR GARDEN NOW! its still not to late … for most crops..pole & bush beans..all vine plants..tomatoes..sweet potatoes[George’s Tator farm best place to buy plant slips]

  • willygroper

    ROFL, you & I are in parallel universes. I do the same & have the same kind of neighbors. Last year chemtrails turned my mega producing tomato plants WHITE…toast, gone. I didn’t give up, but the lack of microorganisms (EMF) did f’all for 245′ of potatos. These skills have been engineered out of our society except for those aware. When the SHTF what marketable skills will folks have to barter with other than running down the road with their hair on fire screaming like Blanche Barrow in Bonnie & Clyde?

    The Foxfire series is back in print. Me thinks that’s a good thing to have in your library.

    Re: pyramids…I think we’ve been fed BS. Now the math in this is a bit higher than my pay grade as I’d never heard of a prime quadrangle (masons). I think you’ll find Ed Leeskalnin’s alternate magnetic pole fly wheel & how he built his Coral Castle just may be the answer to your wonderment. Then if you want to take that a bit further, do a little digging on Ley Lines. All megaliths are built on intersecting Ley Lines harvesting the earths magnetic energy.

    I used Azomite to add minerals to my 30 yr amended soil being nuked by EMF. We’ll see how well it does.

  • willygroper


    Duh, here’s the link.

    I see in 09 Bill Gates patented an electromagnetic engine. Thief.

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