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Gov. Abbott of Texas and the Jade Helm-15 “Red Herring” Discussion

[Ed. Note: If you think the premise of the first two minutes of this video is far-fetched, you will definitely NOT want to watch this disturbing Jade Helm briefing from Dr. William Mount: Jade Helm – US Intelligence Briefing]

from MrCati:

This video report discuss the recent actions of Gov. Abbott of Texas who ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the Jade Helm 15 military exercise. It is my personal opinion, that his actions are a “Red Herring,” intended to distract the public from the truth of why he would send Texas State Guard to monitor Jade Helm. This would also infer that the actions of Gov. Abbott of Texas are in sync with the planners of Jade Helm and in full cooperation with those in govt, with whom Gov. Abbott is cooperating with in secret.

It is my contention that Gov. Abbott sent the Texas State Guard not to monitor Jade Helm, but to secretly augment the existing Jade Helm military forces, in sectors and or zones that the Texas Guard can assist with.what many think is a coming foreign invasion into the USA and into Texas from from the South.

The area of expected future combat is defined by the locations of all Walmart closed stores and which appears to be mainly in the State of Texas where the invading forces will be allowed to advance into a killing zone, that will allow the US military to then defeat the invading army and to then declare a victory that can be used to advance a political agenda and Gov. Abbott, to go with it.

It will be such a war victory that will then propel Gov. Abbott to the Presidential Office at some future date, because his actions as the Gov. of Texas as of today will be seen in the aftermath and victory over the invading army as the single action that helped turn the day and which will then propel Gov Abbott into a Texas hero and into a national hero for his wisdom in doing what he did, when he did, in spite of all the naysayers and those in political circles that attempted to discredit his actions as that of paranoia influence from his constituents.

This is a Red Herring Jade Helm-15 discussion, and as such, it is a matter that requires discussion. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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5 comments to Gov. Abbott of Texas and the Jade Helm-15 “Red Herring” Discussion

  • randy0302

    Total NUT Jobs! A complete baseless paranoid fantasy. Maybe working for George Soros.

    • Eric

      baseless like your comment? This makes perfect sense to me. The elite are a lot of things but they are not stupid. They know people are waking up. They know we are onto their every move. They have deceived the masses and played on their emotions and lack of knowledge for thousands of years. There is no reason to expect it to stop now.

      They also know that their mind tricks aren’t working any longer and nobody is excited about any of the present presidential candidates. They need to create a hero and they need a neocon republican in the white house to lead the war effort against???

      ISIS? China? Russia? You decide.

  • med_mercenary

    I had to scroll back to the top to see if this was from Bix Weir. lol At this point nothing should surprise any of us.

  • Stefan

    Holy Mackerel King Fish, William Mount is a Member of the Foreign Royalty Knight of Malta. The Knights of Malta are the Jesuits. That makes ol’ Billy Boy a mouthpiece of the Jesuits. Now the Knights of Malta are about as satanic as you’re going to find and they want to tell us the IHS on the Popes staff is ISIS, Horse, and Seth!? Then they’re going to kill anyone who interferes with the take down of the US!!!??? And as if that’s not enough, they want to declare, they are the beast the harlot rides in on. Hmmm, well, ya know, they do control a lot of money via the Vatican and it has been suggested that Rothschild reports up to other secret individuals of Jesuit ilk. Who knows maybe that one might have some merit. And the blood moon on the 28th of September, is that a veiled threat? Stick it Jesuits!

    Bottom line is there is some facts we know as true and other declarations being planted in your psyche. That’s the stuff I would not share with anyone. This sounds more like desperate dreams. Finally to admonish us all that this is Judgment by God. I think we know that, and I would suggest it is the Jesuits who will also be found wanting.

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