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Google Censors Hillary Clinton Controversy

from WeAreChange:

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2 comments to Google Censors Hillary Clinton Controversy


    When you continue to ignore the obvious, US has “limited speech” in public, and Google, Yahoo and all yhe soft and hardware of the internet in use by Americans belongs to governmrnt/ corporate ,then you are either ignorant or deliberately ignorant.
    There is not a trustworth bone in Hillary nor in corporate managers.

  • Ed_B

    That individual should be called “Hellery” or for a husband-wife combo, “Hilly-Billy”.

    Every time I see her on TV, it makes me cringe to think that this is the best we can do for leadership in this country? That and wondering just how much abuse this country can take from these Arkansas low-lifes. How many scandals does it take to ruin these people beyond redemption? Apparently a lot more than we’ve already suffered through. A Repub or Libertarian who pulled 1/10th of this crap would be HOUNDED out of politics for life, yet they continue to do any damned thing they want and then skate home scot-free. In a just world they both would be taking a long walk on a short pier so they could swim with the other sharks.

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