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Go While The Getting Is Good-Slow Motion Bug Out

from PrepperRecon:

I talk about bugging out of the city to a more sustainable location now rather than waiting til the last minute. In Genesis, Lot ignored some very firm hints from God to get out of Sodom while the getting was good. He escaped with his life, but he lost his wife and most of his worldly possessions by waiting til doomsday struck.

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1 comment to Go While The Getting Is Good-Slow Motion Bug Out

  • Bible Babble

    Lot did not “lose” his wife,, Lot MURDERED is wife (and put the blame on GOD so nobody would question why his young, pretty, sexy daughters were pregnant and the wife who tried to protect her girls was dead.)

    The bible says LOT was a righteous, holy man? Then WHY did such a loving, faithful “father” so eagerly volunteer to THROW his beloved girls to the rapist gangs outside, in an effort to protect GOD’s angels from the crowd?

    It seems to me,,if LOT really knew anything about angels,,is the fact that angels don’t need NO protection offered by simple, little “man” when angels have the power to destroy entire cities?
    So LOT,, did NOT have very much faith,, did he? Sounds like a GODLESS, faithless man to me.

    So, when LOT was found later,, to be living in a cave with his pregnant daughters & NO wife, and LOT claimed the girls got him drunk many times and RAPED him (as if a stone drunk old man can get such good erection?). How many of TODAY’s COPS would swallow such a story and blame the victim in cases of “rape & molestation” by the father?

    LOT says,, “I’m innocent,, it wasn’t ME.. GOD killed my wife, and the little girls raped me over and over again.” Sure,, we are SO stupid that we believe everything you say. (Cough cough).

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