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FOOD PRESERVATION: Sun Drying Fruits and other Foods

from Off Grid Survival:

The ability to preserve your own food without refrigeration is an important preparedness skill, it’s also something that’s fun to do and can help cut down on your grocery bills.

Sun drying is one of mankind’s oldest and most reliable ways to preserve food. Archeological sites in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia show this method of food preservation has been used since 4,000 B.C.

Sun drying is actually pretty simple; it relies on the sun and airflow – that’s pretty much it. While newer methods like electronic dehydrators speed up the process, sun drying is a slow gentle process that can really bring out the flavor of your food. It’s also a reliable method of preserving food during an emergency.

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1 comment to FOOD PRESERVATION: Sun Drying Fruits and other Foods

  • Craig escaped Detroit

    I really liked this short, valuable article about preserving food using the simple NON electric way.

    It got me searching more things, so I “Googled” Solar Oven. Clicked the “images”.. and started reading more. Wow.. SO many great ways to make a solar cooker, food dehydrator, bath water heater, etc. Even putting sliced food on trays on the hot dashboard of the car as it’s parked in the summer sunshine,, will get NICE and hot.. (Crack open the windows a bit to release the humidity.)

    I like to complain as much as the next guy, but I REALLY Love the information that helps me and my family to survive the troubles with better food, water, shelter, etc.

    Even a nice bike,, or Trike with cargo basket (and perhaps an engine or motor kit?).. will allow me to get to the store without having to find & buy gas (if gas will be available after the “collapse).
    And the bike,, I can pedal it for FREE. NO plates, No insurance, No Driver’s license,,and almost NO noise. More easy to slip thru the sleeping road bandits. (I’ve been watching TOO many pirate movies.)

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