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‘Ex Machina’ – Transhumanism Backed By The Global A.I. Brain

by Jay Dyer, 21st Century Wire:

The new film Ex Machina is the latest incarnation of the familiar Short Circuit theme we’ve seen lately – but this film does not feature the madcap antics of Johnny 5 seducing Ally Sheedy.

In Ex Machina, the bots are babes, and the babe bots are not happy about their male masters, and Steve Gutenberg is not one of them. However, there is a lot of sexual innuendo and robo fetish in this download, and as you can imagine with a JaysAnalysis analysis, there’s a deeper, esoteric meaning.

Boot up your floppies and polish your laser discs because if there’s anything we can learn from Ex Machina, it’s that you can make a chick perfect – and she still ain’t happy…

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2 comments to ‘Ex Machina’ – Transhumanism Backed By The Global A.I. Brain

  • gary h

    I’ll pass.last movie i went to was the first Pierce Bronson James Bond & walked out of theatre after about 10 minutes..I’ll watch Columbo re-runs as i bought the 63 episode set for $ $100 bucks i ever spent..Columbo WAS the best detective/police/law enforcement series ever on TV besides Andy & Barney SWATing Mayberry…can you picture Barney in a SWAT outfit of today..its absolutely surreal how our police have been brainwashed into believeing the public is their enemy..

    attention Mr.& Ms. policeman-women & U.S. military soldier:

    TPTB are fluoridating,bleaching, & now ammonia-ating your water,vaccinating YOUR children with thimerasol[mercury] & other poisons,chemtrailing/geo-engineering YOUR air,& putting chemicals into YOUR drinking & bathing water too..
    did you get TPTB’s flyer/report warning you about the air,food,& water issues? how about the 150 page report on the phony paper & now digital currency we have been using since 1913? & a copy of G. Edward Griffin’s Jekyll Island book?

    didn’t think so..

  • Sayldog

    “…you can make a chick perfect – and she still ain’t happy…”

    Best line of the day!

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