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EPA Placing Blame on Farmers for Monsanto’s Cancer-Causing GMO Crops

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

What does the US Environmental Protection Agency do when it has to save face over the claim that “glyphosate is completely safe” when even the World Health Organization admits what many have known all along – that Roundup/glyphosate probably causes cancer? The EPA will simply place the blame on farmers.

That’s right, you suspected all along about cancer, but what about those 32 species of Roundup-resistant weeds that have cropped up all over the US? Farmers will now be required by the EPA to take part in stewardship programs similar to those already imposed on Agent Orange corn and soy being released this year. It seems like a good thing at first glance, but the EPA stewardship programs are a total scam, and farmers should watch their backs.

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2 comments to EPA Placing Blame on Farmers for Monsanto’s Cancer-Causing GMO Crops

  • anon

    “EPA Placing Blame on Farmers for Monsanto’s Cancer-Causing GMO Crops”

    This appears to be a prime tactic of the multinational corporations and their (held-captive) governments: Don’t take responsibility for anything (damage control) and blame someone, or something else, for anything and everything that exposes the multinational corporate AGENDA, and collusion with government, and the shared hypocrisy.

    (Note: EPA = Environmental “Protection” Agency)

  • At the Beach

    Blame the farmers for Monsanto’s dangerous products. That’s rich coming from worthless (unelected) federal bureaucrats. I watched a program last year about GMO vs Organic farming. The Organic farmer being interviewed stated that GMO seeds are created by mixing animal and insect DNA with plant DNA.

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