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Economic MELTDOWN by September ? — Bix Weir


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2 comments to Economic MELTDOWN by September ? — Bix Weir

  • willygroper

    Wow, could not disagree more.

    1. JD is crypto.

    2. The allure of bitcoin is nothing more than 1’s & 0’s with the illusion of skirting TPTB banking system. It’s a sure fire way to get the plebs to embrace cashless & full spectrum dominance.

  • aa

    Well and succinctly stated Williegroper. Also there is nothing backing bitcoin, at least the dollar and every other fiat currency have the backing of armies, bitcoin has absolutely nothing and I along with you marvel at how naive bitcoin believers are to think that this computer program will make their financial transactions invisible to TPTB. It’s pure fantasy. Bix, in my view, has destroyed his reputation with such nonsense as the good guys are working within the system and will swoope in and rescue us all. He says people just don’t understand bitcoin because safegurads are in place to guarantee they will never exceed 21 million etc etc. Does any person with a grasp of human nature really believe this?

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