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Economic Fascism on the Rise: the Wars on Cash and Deposits

from The Janssen Report:

Today on The Janssen Report (#100): major restrictive policies on our ‘money’ are put in place and many people don’t even realize what this means. I dub it “economic fascism”. In this 100th Janssen Report I briefly explain what I mean by that. Basically it’s about the erosion of the wealth of the 99% for the benefit of the happy few, also called a ‘wealth transfer’.

There’s also some major Breaking News today: the US trade deficit (March) reaches a terrifying high at 51.4 billion US dollar, well above the expected 41.7 billion. Read more on Bloomberg via the links below (check: sources).

Australia is declaring war on deposits by introducing a tax on funds held in banks. Although these deposits are taxable at the bank level (for now), the banks expect to pass these costs on to their clients.

Similarly, the war on both cash and deposits has also begun in the US with JP Morgan Chase introducing a negative interest rate on major deposits, which will likely lead to the abolishment of cash in order to prevent customers from emptying their bank accounts and hoarding cash.

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1 comment to Economic Fascism on the Rise: the Wars on Cash and Deposits

  • anon

    “…utter economic disaster, with all its appalling consequences.

    And the consequences are likely to be in the form of riots, civil disorder, a possible complete breakdown of each country’s infrastructure and, most menacingly of all, food shortages.

    Most people would ‘pay any price’ (now, where have we heard that before?) to avoid all this. That is what the Elite are relying on. Because at the appropriate time they will step forward with their ‘solution’ to this nightmare situation.

    And what will that solution be? Why, it will be to hand them absolute power, absolute control, over all matters that up to now have been considered matters to be decided at a national, or even local, level. Part of that absolute power will be to abolish our present form of money, including cash.

    Cash has always been the bane of the Elite. Cash, after all, enables the little folk, the ordinary people who form the backbone of any country, to settle their little debts and other affairs between themselves without anyone else (even the taxman, heaven forbid!) knowing. Cash enables us to go about our own business without having to let the parasitic banks and ultimately the parasitic Elite in on the act. No wonder the Elite wants to abolish cash.”


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