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Jim Willie: Grexit Concerns, US Economic Implosion & More

from Paul Sandhu:

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24 comments to Jim Willie: Grexit Concerns, US Economic Implosion & More

  • C.i.

    Latest News Interest Rates Down Hear….I Think That You Should Revisit Aye

  • Rodster

    Yay, Jimmy’s back. Don’t worry because China is pure as a bar of Ivory soap and will come to the rescue and save us all.

  • William

    Can’t get through the constant yelling and screaming to listen to this entire interview. Why do these interviews if you have become so jaded by your own views that you don’t enjoy it anymore? Okay I get it – – people are stupid, blind, ignorant, etc., etc., etc.

    I am so worn out by these same interviews predicting a massive meltdown my limbs are feeling numb. All the people that have listened to this advice and purchased gold and silver over the last 4-5 years have loss substantial amounts of money. If you also purchased gold and silver stocks as well – – you know how awful that investment has been. Yes, I am one of the same people who shelled out a fortune for me only to be staring at a lot less. Buying a small farm would have been a more productive and a financially prudent investment.

    A lot of these same people predicting doom and gloom are also doing one other very important transaction – – they are selling stuff – – Books, Coins, newsletters and making a FORTUNE. How long has this financial cataclysm been predicted? At least 6 years – – maybe longer.

    Catherine Austin Fitts has been predicting ( accurately I might add) the slow burn process. She seems to be more right than anyone else I have read or listened to over the years. Is everyone going to lose everything in the next big reset – – NO!

    • Wille

      Ding! Yes, “documenting the collapse” is a profitable enterprise…

      • Beligerant

        @Willie : My only question is how much do these commentators pay these websites to continue and post their rants front stage? I can take about 15 minutes of this stuff anymore because it’s always the same, i.e. dollar collapses, gold and silver spike in price, buy more silver and of course my newsletter which is only $189 / yr.

        They always create these silver porn fantasies that gold and silver are going to the moon shortly. After all would you buy their newsletter if they said something different? Sell the sizzle.

    • Rodster

      For awhile I too got sucked in with the collapse meme. Fortunately I passed on the PM but stocked up on food. This has been going on now since 2010. I know there will come a time when the bottom falls out and everything collapses ( a 100% certainty ) but the timing is unknown because of the players involved and their desire to keep the system going for their gains.

      My problem is that we are finding out that the players we are putting on a pedestal by guys like Jimmy Willie is that they are a part of the current Bankster cabal and now want to be players alongside them. All the while claiming that NO this time is different. Then you have the IMF/WB/BIS sending out good cop, bad cop messages regarding the East.

      It’s all a con game and Willie is either missing or totally ignoring what is becoming clear….”nothing will change with The East. Their Banking, Financial and Economic systems are mirrored models of The West”.

    • Rusticus

      Not sure how (financially) profitable it’s been, but becoming a steward of a small piece of land in your limited time on this Earth and giving a voice to the forest, soil, and animals that inhabit it while adding your own small harmony to the chorus of Nature is a Rite of Passage unlike anything else in the material world.

      My silver just sits here. But it makes a killer antibiotic and has taught me a number of lessons on its own. I don’t intend on selling either in the foreseeable future. 😉

  • B.M.

    I totally agree with Rodster. I like Jim Willie and respect his opinions, but am beginning to tone down my listening frequency of him as I feel he fails to grasp the monumental truth that China, Russia and BRICs are in on the NWO game with the banksters from the West.

    BRICs = NWO.

    I think Jim’s the one who actually needs to WAKE UP AND LIVE.

  • Eric

    This gets really good starting around 21:20. I love it when Jim Willie gets going about the ignoramuses.

    We are surrounded by assholes and MORONS!!!

  • glitter 1

    I really think that some of the SGT Intelligentsia should contact JW and offer up their services(free of charge of course) of all things Global Economics and Politics so we all can get the real insights on just what the heck is really goin on and where/when this is all headed!Please for Goodness Sake!

    • Johnny Fever

      Right!! Go hire a financial analyst they ain’t free … Some people on here sound like children, were Men ain’t we … The shit JW speaks reads like a Clancy Novel, sounds highly plausible to me … But Fuck!! make up your own mind and take responsibility for your own actions .. its fine to bitch about it but don’t blame some one else, cuz then you sound like a bitch

  • Don

    Amazing that I have repeatedly pointed out Willies’ view on China and Russia, yet his groupies fail to comprehend it. Once again for the slow learners: Willie believes the entire parasitical system is being shifted to China and Russia, they will usher in the hard core jack boot fascism. He has stated this many times.

    So rather than spout off and look ignorant, try listening to the words coming out of his mouth, then comprehend those words.

    • B.M.

      Thanks for explaining. If you listen to Willie’s latest batch of interviews (past year), he clearly seems to believe China & Russia are opposing the West’s interests and moving to their own monetary system. However, in listening to James Corbett and many others, this is clearly NOT the case. The oligarchs in China, and likely Russia as Putin is good buddies with Kissinger, are moving in coordination WITH the West so not acting independently as Willie seems to believe.

      The point being the BRICs are the NWO, whereas Willie believes the BRICs oppose the NWO. He is NOT correct.

  • Rainmaker

    Willie is not right, nor is he wrong. He is both, and probably a little angry.

    This is a great interview with GE Griffin as the interviewer and a guy by the name of Norman Dodd back in 82, when Griffin still had dark hair. Dodd was the prior head of the Reese Commission, which was formed in the 50s.

  • Kim

    I love his maverick style and he is far from perfect (one yard of Shit)!
    I would love to believe he is correct (he claims 80%), not sure on that either?
    All I do know with 100% certainty is ONLY GOD (capital G) knows the future.
    That’s why I sleep well holding physical safely stored (not at the bank) silver.

    • Chuck

      “GOD (capital G)”

      Kind of like we are Human (capital H) or you have a pet Dog (capital D). “God” is not a name. sheesh!

      • Kim

        Really Chuck? Are you taking the piss? Their are many gods/false idols etc. But My God is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

        • Chuck

          Hello Kim of kims,

          god (English) = eloah (Hebrew) = allah (Arabic) 😉

          Oh, you reminded me that “lord” is another word that is not a name but rather a title.


    Can someone explain to me what Catherine Austin Fitts means by Slow Burn Process?

    • B.M.

      Sure. Instead of the collapse happening overnight, it will instead happen over time (probably years). It will be characterized by a continued increase in inflation, decreasing wages, continued loss of jobs and erosion of human rights.

      It’s akin to the idea of taking incremental steps toward your end goal vs. trying to get there all at once. Little tiny steps add up to become a big move.

      • GRYPHONv8

        thx for explaining, so everything that is happening in front of our noses right until they can’t hide it anymore and then it will be full on armageddon

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