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from The Burning Platform:

You may have heard the standard Wall Street storyline about bad weather from December through March depressing consumers and keeping them from spending money they don’t have on shit they don’t need. The corporate mainstream media obligingly regurgitates the storyline in order to maintain their advertising revenue from Wall Street and corporate America.

Did you notice all that snow in April? How else can we explain the disastrous retail sales numbers reported this morning? Maybe the temperatures were too moderate to shop. Maybe the pollen storms created an allergy to shopping. Maybe it was those nasty Spring showers bringing May flowers. Watching the nimrods, economist hacks, bimbos and boobs on bubblevision attempting to spin the decline of the American consumer is priceless. They reveal themselves to be nothing but captured teleprompter readers. Journalism is dead in the corporate media realm. The only truth is found in the blogosphere.

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1 comment to DID IT SNOW IN APRIL TOO?

  • Dante

    When I put the radio on shortly after the top of the hour to get the weather forecast (the ONLY reason I would ever put the radio on), the dingbat first did a brief Wall Street update. And as is always the case, she completely ignored the staggering negative economic news, instead exploiting something that might be PERCEIVED as positive by those whoa are used to only taking everything at face value. As in today’s “great” news that people filing for unemployment was at it’s lowest number since 2000. Wow, things are really looking up!

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