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Dead End

from ZenGardner:

The recent so-called seizure of an American cargo ship by Iran while passing through the Strait of Hormuz being used to justify yet another possible invasion reeks of the next staged incident in a long and illustrious history of the same such as the “sacrificial lamb” sinking of the Lusitania as well as the Gulf of Tonkin scam that never happened. It amazes me how Americans can so easily be led to believe that other countries would dare to stir up this hornet’s nest military wing of the New World Order when they have nothing near America’s technology and enormous appetite for killing others. I suppose that the only answer is that predators are extremely easy to provoke.

Further fanning the flames are the probable agent provocateurs’ in Baltimore to get the next round of riots going as well as the upcoming Jade Helm martial law/dissident extraction drills that would fit hand-in-glove with the major manufactured event waiting in the wings.

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