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Cyber Attack May Be To Blame For Deadly Amtrak Crash: “It’s Unclear Whether the Speed Was Increased Manually”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

The Amtrak crash earlier this week that left eight people dead and scores injured remains under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.

According to Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter there is no rational reason for why the train would have sped up to 106 miles per hour in the immediate seconds preceding the crash.

“I don’t think that any commonsense, rational person would think that it was OK to travel at that level of speed knowing that there was a pretty significant restriction on how fast you could go through that turn.” Board member Robert Sumwalt said it’s unclear whether the speed was increased manually by engineer Brandon Bostian.

Brandon Bostian, the engineer in the cab of the Amtrak engine at the time of the incident was reportedly not using his cell phone, not drinking, and not under the influence of narcotics.

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3 comments to Cyber Attack May Be To Blame For Deadly Amtrak Crash: “It’s Unclear Whether the Speed Was Increased Manually”

  • Stefan

    Wow! The most incompetent rail service in the United States is:, drum roll please, AMTRACK!! And now the speculation is either an equipment malfunction or the dreaded, “Cyber Attack”.

    If you don’t deliver me the sum of, One Million Dollars, there will be another “Cyber Attack” somewhere else in the world. Whoahahahahaha!

    Ahem, ah, Dr Evil, one million dollars isn’t that much money these days! blah blah blah.

    So let me see if I understand this. Every electronics failure can now be reclassified as a “Cyber Attack”. Then we have to ponder, if any one these dreaded “Cyber Attacks”, will be extended to mundane things that happen, like the traffic signals, occasionally going out.

    But, the real question concerning Amtrack, is the lack of safety redundancy or kill panic button, or runaway train emergency braking, or training protocols on the part of the engineer?

    Did the engineer sit there like a confused lump when the train started accelerating? Pilots have emergency protocols and depending on the experience of the Pilot, it can either make or break the safe landing of the aircraft, for example. Did this Amtrack engineer have any suitable emergency protocols, or was he as ill prepared as a meek victim of a violent attack, ending up frozen, unable to respond?

    And finally the biggest question of all. Was this electronic failure, really a failure? Or was this another engineered CIA, FBI, whatever, style operation? Sorry, gotta put it out there.

  • Willie

    He probably fell asleep…

  • Tea

    Could this be a planned attack? According to CNN,one of the people who died in the train crash was a Wells Fargo executive and we know top bankers have been found dead for the last few years.

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