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Colorado/Wyoming In ‘Jade Helm’ & ‘Raider Focus’ Military Exercises Bullseye – 1/4 Mile Long Military Train Completely Loaded Down

from All News Pipeline:

Yesterday, All News Pipeline published a story detailing the ‘Raider Focus’ war games in Colorado and what is being called the largest military convoy since World War 2 in the Colorado area. While the convoy officially does not begin moving men and equipment until the 26th-30th of May, a massive amount of military movement is ALREADY taking place near the Wyoming/Colorado state line as shown in these outstanding brand new pictures just sent to ANP by a reader. We also learn below of a Colorado man who was visited by the FBI recently for calling in questions about Jade Helm 15 while we’re witnessing more preparation across the nation continuing for a ‘massive event’ – and everything is beginning to come together now.  

While Colorado has allegedly pulled out of Jade Helm 15, they’re certainly not neglecting military preparation in the state and the outstanding pictures above and below of this train, which stretched for over a 1/4 mile, and we’re told the photographer has been traveling these roads for years and has never in his life seen this much military movement and activity as he has seen in the last few months. We’ve embedded several other videos taken in the past week which clearly prove what we’re watching is not for ‘Jade Helm’ states only but for something huge across the entire country.

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