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CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Cops On Independent Media

from WeAreChange:

Luke Rudkowski documents are the Baltimore observer tracks down a CNN crew after finding out from the police that the news organization called the cops on them and wanted charges to be pressed on for “impersonating the press”

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1 comment to CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Cops On Independent Media

  • CalSailX

    “Impersonating the Press”… isn’t that what CNN it’s self does every day? Implementing my “One Lie a Day” rule for the Corporate Media, CNN, FOX, MSM, NPR… etc. Has lowered my blood pressure, and put a big dent in the amount of time spent in front of the idiot box.

    Funniest thing I seen today was seeing the Federal Reserve Chairman and the Head of the IMF do a tap dance about lessons learned from the 2008 financial crisis.. That was good for plenty of yucks… those two women were deathly afraid, that other was going to drop a hand grenade in their lap.

    Sick humor I know, however I spent months going though SEC records from the period it kinda warps how you’ll ever think about the smartest guys in the room. Hell I wish Nomi Prins could have got access to that stage for just a question of two… chuckle… now “that would have been interesting!”.

    It’s pretty bad in America when RT… lives the longest on my screen under my “One lie rule” not that they don’t overreach now and again. However speaking the truth is fast becoming a crime… to which I say… Long live the criminals!

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