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China Perspective: Jeff Brown And “The Saker”

from The News Doctors:

The Saker: There is very little known in the West about Xi Jinping (Larchmonter445 sent me a thick volume entitled “On Ruling the State” with 79 of Xi’s political articles but to my knowledge, it has not been translated into English). How would you describe the man, his ideas and his goals? What kind of man is Xi?

Jeff J. Brown: If you are a member of the Western elites, their military and/or the deep state, you should be very, very worried, now that Xi Jinping is in power (ditto Putin in Russia). To better understand Xi, it helps to know about his father, Xi Zhongxun, as Xi is a proverbial chip off the old block.

Xi Zhongxun was a committed revolutionary from an early age.

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