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China has overtaken Mexico as the source of the largest number of immigrants to the U.S.

the Far East is the new Southwest.


It should come as no surprise that the US is a net immigration country while China and Mexico are both net emigration countries.  What may be a surprise is that now China has overtaken Mexico as the top importer of immigrants.  The flood of money from China into key cities has been nothing short of breathtaking.  China is undergoing a massive expansion in their country and all of the challenges that come with exponential growth.  For most in the public, they simply have no idea that China is now the biggest importer or immigrants to the US now overtaking Mexico.  This is a fascinating trend and something that is largely ignored in the media.  The US has recently seen a very strong dollar and this has taken an impact on our own domestic manufacturing sector.  A stronger dollar makes our goods less competitive in the global stage.  As the low wage race to the bottom continues, many are leaving economies where the booms are uneven.

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