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Case Study in Collapse Propaganda: Venezuela is Now Rationing Electricity

by Daisy Luther, Nutritional Anarchy:

Denial might be a river in Venezuela.

For the past year, the government has been trying to sugar coat the economic demise of the country, and they’re continuing the propaganda with the new electricity rationing program that they’ve instituted. If you think it’s because of the socialist government’s financial collapse, you’re being ridiculous. It’s because they care about climate change. Vice President Jorge Arreaza said so.

 “This is, of course, linked to global warming and the excessive industrialization of capitalism, which never stops, nor has ever stopped, for the effects that it can have on the climate, on society and on Mother Earth.”

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3 comments to Case Study in Collapse Propaganda: Venezuela is Now Rationing Electricity

  • Nycjeff

    Re: propaganda
    Screen free week runs from May 4- may 10. It’s a good time to get away from screens of all sorts and learn new skills, and focus on family and friends ala Chris Duane’s recommendations. seems more oriented towards kids, but the idea is probably just as valid for adults too.
    Sean, Sorry to hijack a comment thread, but I thought it might be good to give you a heads up if you weren’t aware of it already.


  • oneno

    Rationing electricity they say??? Guess they are not familiar with James McCanney and his Wing Generator project.

    The 3-blade wind farms are a money grab by the energy industry.

    There is no oil shortage like we are being told. All our hydrocarbons came from Comets, the most recent in the 4000 to 10000 year past. That fire and brimstone was passage through the tail of a comet. The Moses pillar of fire was an electrical connection with naptha between a large planet sized comet and Earth.

    Magnetic pole flips are not the cause of pole shifts. It is large planet sized comets that travel near Earth that are the cause for pole shifts and the subsequent return to stone age for man. The beginning of the Holocene Period was the result of such a planet sized comet.

    Our Sun does not have enough Hydrogen fuel to explain fusion at the core lasting 4.5 billion years as suggested by Simple Simon Silly Science.

    Read about the manufactured Water Shortage and the purchase of Water rights by all the Banks and the Bush family.

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