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Bugging out: Dreams vs. Reality

from The Victory Report:

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1 comment to Bugging out: Dreams vs. Reality

  • mike

    If your anywhere in the country or city in the interior kiss your ass goodbye in an all out shtf. So many people will be roaming and there would be lots of bandits roaming as well. If your hunkered down you will be an easy target to siege no matter your preps and you will eventually have to move and be completely exposed. There will also be no wildlife with millions of wanderers/zombies floating around. If a shtf happens the only people that will make it out in great shape are people that live in coastal towns. No starvation by anyone even the unprepared food is in abundance. For instance I can catch with little effort crabs,shrimp,clams,crabs,flounder in the tidal creek right in my back yard no problem. If I spent 2 hours a day I could probably feed 50 people myself, cast nets are amazing. Also you will be the first to benefit from the reestablishment of civilization all while never really losing it. You can get a sailboat so you can go anywhere in the world if needed. I personally never understood why anyone would even consider living in the Midwest or land locked state, really anywhere not near the ocean. God forbid living in the mountains pure insanity, cannibals are going to get you…Well anyway not worried about a shtf scenario at all either way I am good. I just wish people would really think because if this does go down there will be sad horror stories for hundreds of years and those stories will be exclusively about people that lived in the interior…Just my .02

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