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Bill Fleckenstein – Is All Hell About To Break Loose?

from KingWorldNews:

Once again world bond markets were under pressure, with nearly every major market trading lower. German 10-year bunds, which I have been discussing frequently, are now yielding 51 basis points (up from a mere six points a couple of weeks ago, as I noted yesterday).

Has The Bond Bull Market Breathed Its Last Breath?

I obviously do not know if the bond bull market (worldwide?) has finally breathed its last in its nearly 30-year-long run. I could certainly believe that would be the case, given how far yields have come since the early 1980s when long-term Treasuries yielded nearly 15% in America.

What a lot of readers have trouble getting their head around is how the bond market (or any financial market, for that matter) can exhaust itself on the upside with QE still underway in many countries. Part of the reason for the confusion about markets literally being able to do anything is because most people have only seen financial markets levitate while under total control of the central banks.

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