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Biden to the Navy: ‘Our Forces Will Have to be Ready’ for Climate Change

by Charlie Spiering, Breitbart:

Speaking at a Commencement Ceremony for the Naval Academy today, Vice President Joe Biden warned graduates that they would have to be prepared for the devastating effects of climate change.

“We’ll rely on you, the United States Navy, to lead in solving these emerging problems,” he said, pointing to the massive devastation caused by a major typhoon in the Philippines.

The United States Navy, he explained, “filled the void” in the humanitarian efforts after the major natural disaster.

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3 comments to Biden to the Navy: ‘Our Forces Will Have to be Ready’ for Climate Change

  • Willie

    Old Proverb: Men make plans, God laughs…

  • Bruce Fairbanks

    The sixties were REALLY good to you, Joe.

  • RANDY0302

    Climate change? Meaning chemtrails and HAARP.
    They couldn’t blame the upcoming disaster on Russia (Putin smarter than Obombya)
    They are afraid of China.

    So lets use a false flag weather “event” as cover for economic disaster, man made by private Banksters.

    YEA!!!! that will work. They are transparent… just sayin.

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