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Bernie Sanders Wants To Dissolve All Big Banks

from Western Journalism:

A bill proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., would require the biggest banks in the nation to dissolve. Sanders is challenging former secretary of state and first lady Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

The “Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist Act” would mandate the dissolution of J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley within one year of the bill’s enactment, according to a summary.

It would also require the creation of a “Too Big to Fail List” of banks who “pose a threat to the financial system.”

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8 comments to Bernie Sanders Wants To Dissolve All Big Banks

  • windrunner56

    Ok, calendar says May 7th, NOT April 1st! Hmmm, could it be. Socialist Bernie (don’t get me wrong, he is a fighter) the independent is going to (1) take on Hitlery (we know her body count is in the 100s) and survive, and (2) he is going to take on the Big Banks and survive (not sure what their body count is, can anyone really know), it is nice fodder for a platform. BUT, I have a better chance of winning the big one in last nights Lottery 649 here in Canada (I gotta check my tix!!!) that he has in succeeding at this. But, nice read anyway 🙂

    I am hoping through natural selection (AIIB, Brics, Eastern alliances etc.) that the big banks will collapse anyway. Unfortunately they will take everyone down with them. But that may be what is needed. Right???

    • Eric

      windrunner,… the lotto isn’t much different than putting your cash into CDs that pay 0%. The odds are so stacked against you, you have a better chance winning at slots in any casino. Don’t give your labor to the state. I’ve spent I don’t know how many hundreds on lotto tickets when I was younger. Yeah there’s a thrill. It’s fun. It’s something to do. But so are the hottest stocks, or playing online poker.

      It breaks my heart to see so many throw away their hard earned cash on lotto tickets. It’s not set up for you to win. Sure there’s a chance… 1 in 345 million.

      Stack silver. It’s a sure thing. 😉 Don’t play their game. Play your own.

  • randy0302

    “To Big to fail, To Big to exist”…..simply brilliant!

  • rich

    Tomgram: Nomi Prins, Hillary, Bill, and the Big Six Banks

    In the coming months, whatever hours Clinton spends introducing herself to voters in small-town America, she will spend hundreds more raising money in four-star hotels and multimillion-dollar homes in Hollywood and San Francisco, New York and Boston, Washington and Miami. She will court wealthy liberals across the land and urge them to collectively give tens of millions of dollars to her campaign. The question underlying this inevitable mad dash for cash isn’t “Can Hillary Clinton raise the funds?” The Clintons are practiced buckrakers.

    The question is: “Can Clinton claim to stand for ‘everyday Americans,’ while hauling in huge sums of cash from the very wealthiest of us?”

    This much cannot be disputed: Clinton’s connections to the financiers and bankers of this country — and this country’s campaigns — run deep, as Nomi Prins, former Wall Street exec and author of All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power (just out in paperback), writes in today’s dispatch. As she documents in her book, the Clintons have longstanding ties to the mightiest banks on Wall Street. Those alliances will prove vital as Hillary tries to keep up in the “money primary” of the 2016 campaign. But as she tries to appeal to working and middle class people, you can expect her opponents to use Clinton’s Wall Street connections against her. And it’s reasonable to ask: Who counts more to such a candidate, the person you met over that chicken burrito bowl or the Citigroup partner you met over crudités and caviar? Andy Kroll

    The Clintons and Their Banker Friends
    The Wall Street Connection (1992 to 2016)
    By Nomi Prins,_hillary,_bill,_and_the_big_six_banks/

  • willygroper

    Bernie is a card carrying member,dual. Socialism is the step before communism/marxism. He, like all other politicians say the right things, then do the exact opposite.

    Pay attention folks. Have you noticed all the new lighter coinage flooding in. There’s a reason Kyle Bass was buying up nickles. We’re closer to the ShiseDollar than you may think.

    The Romans debased with lead.

    First they took all the silver out of circulation in the 60’s. We have ctl P & debasement by removing any metal worth anything from coins. With the bond market illiquid and the sheer size, they’re having trouble keeping those plates spinning.

    • Eric

      We gotta find out about this “lighter coinage.” I haven’t noticed much difference but maybe I’ll bust the scale out and check some. They were talking about making coins out of steel for a while but never heard much in the past year or 2.

      I like Bernie. He’s a kooky old crank who huffs and puffs and lives in fantasy world getting the libtards hopes up.

      They’ll never let him win in 2016. I’m sticking with what Joel Skousen has said…they’re going to put in a republican to lead the war effort. Besides it’s always 8 years of this, then 8 years of the other, back and forth.

      I believe Bernie wants to break up the big banks into smaller banks. They’re not going to let that happen but it’s a novel idea.

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