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Ben Fulford Addresses SGT Report Interview w/ James Corbett: Communication from Benjamin Fulford about Gordon Duff (and what’s going on at VT)

from Kauilapele’s Blog:

[Justin, 4-30-15] Hi Benjamin, In your last post, you mentioned that Gordon Duff and Veteran’s Today represent the Pentagon. Since your post came out there has been news that Gordon Duff has been censoring journalists for Veteran’s Today. Many of those writers have left Veteran’s Today. Two people involved in trying to expose Gordon Duff’s censorship have had attempts on their lives.

I hope you will elaborate more on Jade Helm and Gordon Duff in your next
post. Gordon Duff: Covering for JADE HELM and the Boston bombing (UPDATED!)

The Boston Bombing and the Baltimore Riots seem to be preparing American
citizens, the police and military for martial law. At empty Camden Yards due to Baltimore riots, Orioles defeat White Sox

This is another story that has been spreading in the alternative media
recently that it would be helpful to have your insight on: CHINA: THE KEY TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER — James Corbett

Thanks, J

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7 comments to Ben Fulford Addresses SGT Report Interview w/ James Corbett: Communication from Benjamin Fulford about Gordon Duff (and what’s going on at VT)

  • Rusticus

    A single hit-and-run comment from Fulford is meant to “debunk” research that comes from ACTUAL DOCUMENTS in the public domain on the part of not only Corbett, but a venerable army of Open Source researchers? Your credibility is nonexistent at this point, Bennie Boy.

    Last I checked, you were quite comfortable spreading the very “disinformation” with Davie Wilcock you now claim to deride with your “Paperclip Nazis run the world” nonsense, a narrative so utterly simplified you’d have to have the Deep Political context of a toddler to believe it.

    You’re a shill and you know it, Ben. You, WilCOCK, and the ENTIRE VT network. No one trusts you clowns anymore, nor should they. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • SGT

      I keep hoping that James Corbett is wrong about China and the NWO because his view is so dire for our collective future, but well put, thanks for your lucid perspective Rusticus.

      • Silver Shield

        Sean I covered all of this in this weeks silvershieldxchange podcast with John Rubino. I cover the three theories 1. James Corbetts idea about the Chinese playing along with the current powers with them at the head. I also cover the theory that the 2. SDR will include the Yuan with the AngloAmerican empire running that show. And finally 3. that the Anti Hegemon is a break away civilization.

        I think it will provide a good balance for people to consider a new consciousness.

      • rl

        Fulford and the rest? Endless con men with a sorry nitch and duff is not even the guys real name and the truth about him isnt even close to his vt resume. This is exactly ‘hit and run’ from the shill contigent as there is an exodus away from vt. The vet is a coveted target which makes this split no small deal. Dave Henderson would be the one to talk to there and for very good reason on many other things too Sean. Some things are beyond any degree of common sense and these guys are just that which makes all the rest all the more dire in that this ‘community’ is not much above the other that we label sheeple and that is one of the hardest pills; millions fooled again for the effort rather than just fooled for the stupidity.
        Rusticus points out that noone trusts these clowns anymore and Ill go with that too in so far as how many veils are being lifted instead of woven these days is anyones guess.
        Facts from a Corbett, a Henderson, or the like throw a wrench in hard won ‘informed opinions’ when the prospect of dis-info swallowed has to be seen.
        And seeing past this fog of war, because that is just what this game of phsyop is to them, is a yeomans task when co-opted hope and fear is constantly played to be dealt with and dealt in.

        It would be nice for Corbett to be wrong and no one is 100% right in this quagmire, but he is right enough and when the writing is on the wall it is indeed the hardest to face.
        And so to finally know or have it revealed to you makes a difference only in the scope of who and how much they truly own it all, and in many cases give up the hope of white horses which is at the crux of what keeps the whole game afloat for the ones with all to hide. Alt media is included in the ownership with its endless brand of tripe that garners audiences for these sorts and the jones and ickes and the rest. Wilcock is a freak unto himself. Mind boggling spat from these sub humans or ‘opened minded’ drivel to the point of brains falling out for lies to big to fathom and the people on pedestals willing to carry them out is the greatest shield they have. Our humanness slash gullability their hook and our downfall.
        As simple as pharma commercials with puppies…
        And time after time just the things of common sense and intuition get lost in the endless qaugmire, as designed when senses are overran. It is no small thing to remain vigilant and spread good will when the real state of affairs is known or has to be seen when one has maintained these qualities of discernment as you have Sean. To hold firm on the off chance that it is not as bleak as it can appear to be and that people can be rallied upon the return of common sense, decency, and the rest is not for the weak or meek and hats off for the umpteenth. And rallied would be nice too, and bleak it isnt when the rubber meet the road. Which is why we have been parked in this mess for years while the machine marches on while they know and we know the trigger will one day have to be pulled. And one might do well to never forget the fear of “us” is theirs in gigantic spades my friend. Endless cronies and dollars to throw at it mean NOTHING when and if they decide to put your family and children and closest ones in any of their crosshairs aye?
        Its not gonna stand regardless of weapons demonic or otherwise.

        Eric was spot on when he posted amongst the 140+ or whatever replies to Corbett that we are powerful beyond our wildest imagination. And while we dont know this or except this they do without question not able to see beyond their context still and THAT above all is what drives the constant barage of ‘info’ we are dealt. Deaf dumb and blind for all with the caveat of the ‘awake’ given their own emotional rollercoaster to ride. To get off the ride and get busy ala Sun Tsu in the face of overwhelming numbers, for example, is not that easily done and cannot be allowed. Becasue another pill is that they are masters of the game far from the fools some would proffer and we get the best of their efforts and rightly so, in hopes that we keep watching what the right hand is doing while the left is busy literally working overtime around the clock.
        The sheep are easy with comfortably numb requiring more poison of the day and gadgets to maintain.
        All out Bernays 101 across the board because the truth is not a – b or c.
        It is the truth and its time has come.
        Thanks again Sean.

      • Rusticus

        Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, Sean, but thanks so much for your response. I’m happy to see just how truly open-minded you are regarding the shifting geopolitical tides around us, a big part of what makes SGT so special.

        rl… right on as usual, my friend 😉

  • Scott Sando

    Cobett is right, what is is what is, but we can work it out.

  • Larry from Montreal

    I give Fulford and Whitlock no credibility at all. I sometimes read a bit of what they are on about at the moment for comic relief but always end up shaking my head and wondering why I bothered.

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