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Andrew Maguire – China On The Brink Of Winning The Gold War Against Corrupt West As Gold And Silver Prices Set To Skyrocket

from KingWorldNews:

Andrew Maguire: “I can tell you, Eric, that the commercials are on the long side (of the gold and silver markets) for sure. One only has to look at these same actors’ footprints in the much smaller and more visible silver market to foreshadow what these insiders are about to do in gold….

“And that is to ring the register on extremely large, wrong-footed hot-money short positions.

Silver always provides the first clue as to what these collusive traders are doing in gold. And when we see the hot-money weak hands, I’m talking about the managed money hedge funds, build a gross short position in silver that reaches record levels, we know that on the long side of each of these positions are the market-making concentrated bullion banks.

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