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AND IT SPREADS: Washington State Declares Emergency Drought

[Ed Note: Are you as amused as we are that these drought articles rarely ever mention scientific realities such as THIS: Geoengineering and BIOSPHERE COLLAPSE — Dane Wigington]

A statewide emergency drought was declared in the US state of Washington on Friday amid record low snowpack levels and declining river levels, Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced in a statement.

from Sputnik News:

Washington has received enough rainfall in the populous Puget Sound region, where reservoirs are full and little impact on residents is expected.

However, dwindling snowpack in the mountains is affecting the state’s eastern agricultural lands and the Olympic Peninsula, according to the statement.

“We’re really starting to feel the pain from this snowpack drought,” Inslee said on Friday. “Impacts are already severe in several areas of the state.”

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1 comment to AND IT SPREADS: Washington State Declares Emergency Drought

  • Timco

    I’ve been researching past weather records for this area of the Country, and drought is nothing new. This is a semi-arid climate. Some of the worst droughts occurred 200-400 years ago. Was haarp to blame then? The climate engineers are taking advantage of this natural phenomenon, and will make it rain just in time to save the west. For a price.

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