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Alex Jones Downgrades Jade Helm 15

from TruthNeverTold:

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14 comments to Alex Jones Downgrades Jade Helm 15

  • windrunner56

    I used to follow Chris Duane, for he made alot of sense with his Silver Shield info and the greatest story never told. THAT was good info. But his constant propensity and distaste for Alex Jones and his willingness to constantly slander Alex’s views, has soured me on Chris. I believe the best way to get the info out there is to tell YOUR side and stop slandering the other tremendous truth tellers. Sure Alex’s delivery may be a little over the top, but IMO he started the rampage on the establishment. Others, including Chris have jumped onboard, to their credit. What I like about THIS site, is that SGT always offers differing views from his. He does not slander, he provides a softened view, but does not slander. Chris, get off your horse, take the darts out of the AJ dartboard on your wall, and join the revolution. We all need you and the others to continue your call.

    Otherwise just continue to sell your coins. You have your delivery, AJ has his. We need both.

  • Silver Shield

    So let me get this straight…
    You followed a guy that says “Listen to all and Follow none.”
    Then when that guy logically questions the emotionally driven fear porn of Alex Jones, that is slanderous?
    And then Alex Jones has to bring on Ron Paul to back off of his fear porn and I am the bad guy?
    There is no revolution that I would join for it is just another false collectivist messiah preaching another controlled opposition dream to weak people who wished to be saved from themselves.

    • windrunner56

      Let me be straight Chris. I no longer follow Alex. But one sunny day when I was watching Loose Change, I stumbled across him. He got me searching and searching and eventually I had a list of websites a mile long, including yours. He is one who is always there, like it or not. Is he a shill? Who knows. Are you a shill, who knows? Only those posting stuff on their websites know for sure. Bottom line, is all info is “Infowars”. I just do not like the fact that you dig into him every chance you get.

      • Tom

        This is the reason the globalists will win. There can be no organized resistance, because there can be no organization to resist. Listen to all and follow none? That’s chaos. We need leadership. Desperately. Without it, we are a bunch of cats being herded to the slaughter one by one. Trust me. The socialists and the globalists are organized. They have leadership. And because of this, they will win.
        At this rate we will all be sitting in an internment camp talking about what could have been, because we just couldn’t “come together” and resist.

        • MRH

          Well said, Tom. Leadership is what is lacking, not only in our communities but the world over. People need leadership, they want leadership and if you want chaos or think that I am “looking for the white knight” you couldn’t more wrong. Chaos is not what Ghandi or Dr. King or even John Lennon were about. They were about people. We need people to be on the same page. You think those [email protected] killing machine are walking themselves out the door to evaporate neighborhoods? It takes leadership to make that happen. It takes a collective of people willing to fight, together, to make that happen. It takes an organized, well trained resistance to make it stop. That requires leadership and a collective of people.

  • jerry

    If it were not for Alex I feel this situation were dealing with could be a lot worse. He’s awoken more people to the corrupt PTB than any one person in history. I get it, he hypes the message at times, but its far better that no message. People just need to use their own reasoning and discernment. Look at the stuff here on SGT. Personally I want to hear it all and make up my own mind as this sh!t head spouts “Listen to all and Follow none.” and we all know the saying “when it comes to opinions”….just saying

    • Gnostic

      TPTB knew the truth was getting out with or without Kosher Jones, through the internet as it did with the Gutenberg press,

      They did what they have always done……..

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Lenin

      Stop thinking in one dimension!

  • Jerry

    Good video. Unfortunately I find too much stuff coming out of the alternate media that is fear porn and propaganda. The alternate media sometimes is almost as bad as the MSM.

  • pablo

    I really enjoyed the Chris Duane vid collection regarding the history of real money. But when he finds the sudden need lately to throw AJ under the bus its a real turn off.

    The MSM is already on a vicious attack of his Jade Helm reporting.

    I don’t think he needs anyone else piling on top, especially someone that claims to be outside of the paradigm. Pretty low, not sure of intent. Just trying to sell more of the silver coins perhaps?

    • windrunner56

      I don’t think it is an attempt to sell more coins. I just wanted to point out that he is insistent in bashing AJ. I get it, he does not like him. So keep it to yourself when you have a credible website of your own you wish to promote. Throwing stones is what is done in the MSM. Support each others good points and keep the ones you disagree with to yourself. It is our job as followers of their great websites to throw the stones. They need our opinions, how varied they may be.

      I am done voicing my thoughts on this article and comments.

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