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60 Countries Invest In China’s “Silk Road” Gold Fund

by Dave Kranzler, Inevstment Research Dynamics:

China has set up a gold sector fund that will help facilitate gold purchases by Central Banks in the countries which are part of China’s new Silk Road development project. The fund is expected to raise 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) to invest in physical gold and in mining companies in countries along the Silk Road.

China is the world’s largest gold producer, and also a major importer and consumer of gold. Among the 65 countries along the routes of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, there are numerous Asian countries identified as important reserve bases and consumers of gold.

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1 comment to 60 Countries Invest In China’s “Silk Road” Gold Fund

  • gary h

    immediately hits you, how ridiculously under priced gold is..
    16 billion is but mere pocket change for the non-federal no-reserve currency counterfeiting corporation,Fraud St frausters,Hedge Fund fraudsters.,banksters,ect..etc,.16 billion USED to be a lot,but obviously no longer,considering the mountains of phony debt & credit swirling about the world..
    it’s a backroom joke really..envisoning the banksters in that same backroom [directly behind the Oz curtain]laughing gloriously & toasting to their new TCCP[almost,.. but a phony,baloney,farcical “house vote” is still required]i believe we have ..what..2 or 3 House members that aren’t bought off corrupt tyrannical insider Israel 1st ers?..Rand Paul is still better than believe he tried to play possum with the establishment hacks & pretend he was sorta
    “one of them”,& unfortunately it didn’t work..
    as soon as this TCCP passes [& it will]..guaranteed ..if it doesn’t pass the 1st go round,the Zionist fraudster globalist Israel 1sters,
    will simply bring it back & back,& back again until it does,
    & then they’re nearly assured of their new world dis-order,L on earth..
    Americans can’t & won’t stop them..[WISHFUL THINKING] they’ve feminized most male millennials with shots & fluoridated tap water,&[& over testosterone’d the men in the military & police]
    & only God knows what other chemicals in this chemical cocktail soup called earth[ & more ‘soupy’ are it’s radio-activated & polluted oceans & seas from Fuko & chemical run off..
    chemical run-offs like pesticide’s,insecticide’s,fungicides,& all the other “ide’s compliment’s of Dow,DuPont,MoSATANofor the last 80-90 years..
    & lest not forget the Horizon oil spill THAT IS STILL SEEPING OUT OIL..LOTS OF OIL,THAT THEY ARE STILL FORCING DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE GULF WITH COREXIT..STILL! & then when we get a southerly wind flow,we get the Corexit up here in Ahia when it rains..BP is run by such a NICE BUNCH OF ZIONIST OILY-GARKS,the Queen mum,& Queen BeetRice of the Never Never Lands..EY?]
    will gush oil until that cavern of oil under the ocean[7 miles BELOW the ocean floor..THIRTY FIVE THOSAND FEET!..& FLIPPIN MILES! THE CRUISING ALTITUDE OF A 747 ABOVE EARTH – 36,000 feet how long will that cavern of oil to empty..200 yrs?..500 yrs?,1,000 yrs.?10,000 yeaers? does anyone really know? L no they don’t & they don’t care,
    because David Rockefeller gave the order to keep drilling,
    & kill 11 men..why?because Rockefeller wouldn’t spend $500,000.00 dollars on a blow-our preventer,a measley half a million bucks is all they cost..
    just as they steered Katrina over drive out the blacks & goy from the coastal area too…
    & the Rockabillyfella family is worth 13 trillion.
    .Oily-Garks[like Rockefeller] are really some sick F***s..
    Patriarch David is going to L very soon at 98 years old,but they should have his twisted,sick Zionist brain downloaded into a hi-speed also-computerby now,
    so we’ll have David’s sick perverted brain running North America for thousand & thousands more years for all intensive puerposes..I only hope his siock,twisted brain feels pain..LOTS OF PAIN..& his brain can’t escape the imprisonment of the computer..
    now that would be worth opening a bottle of good champagne!
    btw…[aka.. Lucifer’s “chemical industrial complex” consists of Dow,DuPont,& MoSATANo,poisoning the earth over the last 100 years

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