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12 Bad Strategies That Will Get Preppers Killed

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Bad Strategy #1: “I’ll just hunt and live off the land.”
Oh my gosh. No, you probably won’t. You might try to hunt, but guess what? Loads of other people have this same idea. Unless you live hundreds of miles from civilization, the population of deer and wild turkeys will be quickly decimated in an event that renders the food delivery system inoperable.

Furthermore, hunting is not as easy as simply wandering into the woods, taking aim with a rifle, and popping a wandering buck in the head. Have you ever hunted? Have you done so recently, and by recently I mean within the past year? Have you ever field dressed an animal? Can you hit a moving target? Do you know how to set up snares? Do you know how to butcher and preserve meat? Are you in good enough shape to drag a 200 pound carcass through the woods?

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3 comments to 12 Bad Strategies That Will Get Preppers Killed

  • Craig escaped Detroit

    Finally. A sensible article. And they finally got around to addressing the fact that backup generators (tip #8) are TERRIBLE. (noisy, attract attention, and the need for fuel, etc)

    Sorry that they FORGOT to mention that SOLAR PANELS make electricity without making ANY NOISE or needing ANY fuel to be stored. (Sunlight gets delivered for FREE on every sunny day.)

    They can only attract attention by people who can actually SEE them with their own 2 eyes, and won’t be making noises that can be followed for up to a mile away that a generator can make.

    Don’t forget, the gov’t has had,, for MORE than 10 years now,, ACOUSTIC “Radar” that can track the audio signature, range, direction, and tri-anglulation of ANY GUNSHOT,, to within 10 feet of where it was fired. The “source location” of a SINGLE gunshot can be tracked.

    These are installed in places in some cities already, and you can be SURE the military has had this MORE years and better tracking.
    A crossbow, air gun, etc,, may become very useful if they ever “outlaw” guns & ammo.

    Oh yeah, sure,, you’ll defend yourself? Against Humvees, Marines with armour, tanks, missiles, air support? I don’t think so Rambo.

    We’ll be calling your name (on your Tombstone),, “Darwin Award= Maximum Stupidity”.

  • mike

    The only untouched area of a complete economic collapse will be east coast coastal towns. Plenty of medical plus plenty of food easily caught, never ending supply. Not to mention the quick reestablishment of civilization and easy reconstruction of transportation systems that require zero oil or power..Sailing. All those that are in the interior god help you because your going to die no matter your preps or how many weapons and land you have. We will read terrible accounts of survival that will become legendary by those stuck on the west coast and the interior of the country…Just my opinion and I am sure we all have them 🙂

    • Craig escaped Detroit

      Hello Mike,(east coast coastal towns).
      I think I disagree with your assessment.

      You bring up some nice, positive attitudes, but I don’t see it as being so nice.

      During the complete economic collapse, I feel there will be a breakdown of the systems that supply the medical community. This system depends heavily upon MONEY (fiat is likely to fall to zero value). Insurance industry (the ones who PAY the medical claims) will go bankrupt.

      And, during every major crisis in populated areas, the food supply chain (includes trucking, farming, processing, distribution & retail) breaks down at many points AND, as the population starves and riots, and burns, you can also expect the power grid, water system, sewer systems to stop working, at this point, you get massive outbreaks of city-wide diseases.

      Not to mention the city-wide FIRES that cannot be stopped by the non-existant fire crews who are home saving their own families and the hydrants that don’t work (water grid down) or the fire trucks that can’t find any fuel (it’s all gone and fuel distribution systems not being supplied.)

      Never ending FOOD supply (easily caught). It’s a wonderful dream. Time to wake up. As coastal cities lose GRID power, how much added pollution will flow into the coastal zones (no treatment plants cleaning the billions of gallons of YUCKIE MUCKIE).. and how many millions of humans in NYC, etc, jumping into boats to try their hands at fishing? Without fuel for the boats?

      Not enough sail boats for 5 million New Yorkers to go sailing or fishing.

      We haven’t even begun to consider the military blockades around the cities to “quarantine” the disease outbreaks? (or that the military might have been ordered to infect some cities to “reduce” the national population of so many useless “eaters”?)

      Play this mental exercise of thinking 5 or 10 steps ahead of the game,, think of how one system affects the other systems later in time. Think about the nature of things, such as human nature, gov’t nature, eco systems, nuclear power plants that cannot survive without GRID power to keep all the pumps running (such as Fukushima), etc.

      I still say the BEST example of living off grid,, during any major crisis,, self sustaining community,, is the AMISH. They don’t care about the power grid, water or sewer systems being run by any branch of gov’t, and they grow, store, and consume their own food.

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