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World Gold Reserves May Run out in 20 Years

from LibertyMetals:

Getting into precious metals is a very important means today of diversifying one’s asset portfolio. Of course gold and silver are very important to this, and, in particular, bullion. But, there is more than one way to get into bullion. While most people think of coins like the American Gold Eagle, Krugerrand and others, the truth is there is one way most don’t think of: bullion jewelry.

Despite a higher premium, there are many reasons to look into jewelry made of bullion. Here are some reasons:

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2 comments to World Gold Reserves May Run out in 20 Years

  • Ed_B

    “Despite a higher premium…”

    Right… this is how one can get half as much gold for their money. Me, I’d rather have more gold and less “artistic value”. On the other hand, buying gold jewelry for your wife MIGHT be the only way to get her to agree that buying gold is a good idea.

  • dan

    If we are still here, gold will not be a concern for many 20 years from now….BS thinking that suffers for news….imho

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