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Why You Should Not Vote For Rand Paul In 2016

from WeAreChange:

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6 comments to Why You Should Not Vote For Rand Paul In 2016

  • Gnostic

    Rand, where’s your yarmulke?

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Isn’t it surreal how folks can lambast and abhor the Clinton, Bush royal dynasties and yet throw their integrity down the drain through placing their faith in another dynastic, Statist clan? Ron educated. His treasonous son offers nothing, other than more of the same duplicitous behaviour of a power-hungry loyal member of the duopoly we call government.
    How anyone with a shred of Libertarian ideals can endorse this disingenuous, skid-mark-on-the-underwear of politics, is beyond me. His track record of talking out of both sides of his mouth is legendary. He has one message of fealty for powerful people and one for the masses; “I’m your New Saviour. Vote for me”!
    They will. They will demand that he impose their form of government onto everyone else, just like the others do.
    What a distraction it is.

  • Troy

    Rand is just like Obama, Bush, Cheney etc. Rand is kinda like Glen Beck…a guy you think is on your side….its a trick, get an axe.

  • Rand Paul sent me a disclaiming response when I asked him to intro legislation to replenish the former 165 million ounce military silver reserve stockpile. He realized that the intro of any such legislation would be a proposed dagger at the heart of the Money Power and would get the bull elephant off the neck of the tiny silver price. To anyone wondering about the conclusion to the Silver Squelchers series, things have developed differently than I anticipated and will however make the wait worthwhile. It also necessitated postponing several interviews that have been offered and I look forward to completion so as to address other matters such as States neutralizing Federal power, actions we are greatly in need of in larger measure than so far seen.

  • f16hoser

    I don’t plan on voting at all. That way they can’t change it. I’m waiting for the Revolution 2.0
    Our problems are way beyond fixing at the voting booth.

  • The Truth

    Really? Vote? Wow these morons are still pushing the vote for the lesser of the evils. When will these clowns learn anything. Did any of them say to Rand Jeb or Hitlary I need you to run for presidency? But yet these idiots will go to the poll and whatever they vote for they will get it. Believe me on this one, they will deserve it also! You vote for your god!

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