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White House Teams Up With Soros for Disturbing 2016 Plan

from Western Journalism:

Last year, as part of his Imperial decree of amnesty for illegal immigrants, President Barack Obama created the White House Task Force on New Americans, whose goal is to vastly increase the numbers and rates at which immigrants were naturalized and granted citizenship.

This Task Force works hand-in-hand with the George Soros-funded, open borders-promoting Migration Policy Institute, as well as the openly racist group La Raza, a Mexican nationalist organization that has called for the mass murder of white Americans and a return of the western states to Mexico.

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3 comments to White House Teams Up With Soros for Disturbing 2016 Plan

  • Rodster

    What a POS individual George Soros is. I’ll be celebrating when Satan finally comes calling for this evil bastard.

  • Dante

    Hence the loosening of the gun laws in both Texas and Kansas. People in those states see what’s coming and are stating their position loud and clear. Amazingly, they’re being listened to by the political class, though it likely has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with right or wrong. Nonetheless, the crime buffer has gotten considerably larger. So bring it on, amigo!

  • Soros needs to be dragged out into the backyard and dealt with the same way a farmer would deal with a mad cow or dog. I cracked a tooth the other day and the dentist asked me if I tend to grind my teeth. I said only when I see Hillary, Jeb, Obama, or Soros.

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