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UNGASS 2016 and the Enormous Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

from The Daily Bell:

Daily Bell: Hi, Mark. One area you specialize in is prohibition economics and, in fact, you recently debated the war on drugs at Oxford Union (read here). Last time we talked with you, we spoke of cannabis and prohibition and the evolution of legal marijuana – especially in the US. Can you give us a general update on the state of prohibition in the US today?

Mark Thornton: The movement to legalize cannabis – a global ideological movement – is proceeding at a very good pace. Since we last spoke the states of Oregon and Alaska have legalized recreational marijuana, as well as Washington DC. Medical marijuana legislation continues to be passed. The vote in Florida failed, but only because it needed 60% and only got 58% of the vote. Federal legislation is moving through Congress that would allow individual states to set their own policies, without fear of reprisals, regarding medical marijuana use and medical marijuana research. Ideologically, support for legalized cannabis continues to strengthen with the latest poll registering 60% support. Demographically, support for legalization is even stronger because only the oldest and least educated demographic groups continue to support prohibition of cannabis, while younger and smarter segments strongly support legalization.

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