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Under Jade Helm, Extracted American Resistance Leaders Will be Sent to Guantanamo

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The purpose of this article is to reveal the end game of Jade Helm and expose the lies coming from President Obama when it comes to his announced intention to close the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

For 10 days, I have been sitting on information that President Obama is going imprison key Patriot leaders at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. On April 14th, I received another confirmation from my most trusted source. In the past 10 days, I have been seeking to find circumstantial confirmation that my two sources are correct. This is what I have determined.

Changing the Mission at Guantanamo Bay

Despite assurances that Obama intends to close the terrorist prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, he does not. Although he is in the process of eventually releasing or transferring all terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, he plans to maintain the facility for future prisoners (i.e. the new terrorists) and this intention is likely tied to the Jade Helm drills.

Obama Wants To Close Guantanamo?

In 2014, President Obama announced that he was going to begin to either release terrorists, or have them transferred to other prisons. However, Obama’s plan to clear space at Guantanamo by releasing or transferring terrorists from the facility has met with stiff resistance from his own people.

Former Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, not the President, is given the final authority to transfer any of the 149 terror suspects being held at Guantanamo. Hagel’s former spokesmen formerly stated that they must carefully consider the risks before signing off on any releases and transfers.

Hagel dragged his feet when it came to the release of terrorists at Guantanamo. I strongly suspect that Hagel believed that Obama was going to replace “al-Qaeda prisoners” with American dissidents and he was not on board with this.

The slow pace of moving the facility at Guantanamo Bay was the result of a law that gave the Defense Secretary, not the commander in chief, the final authority regarding the disposition on the handling of these prisoners.

Chuck Hagel, to his credit, was clearly not going along with Obama’s plan to release known terrorists. And where is Hagel at today? He was fired by Obama and now we are just beginning to learn the truth behind the sacking of Hagel. Simply put, Chuck Hagel was fired as the Defense Secretary because he was not on board with transferring terrorists to American prisons, or worse yet, simply releasing some of the most dangerous terrorists on the planet and replacing them with American, “home-grown, domestic terrorists”.

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2 comments to Under Jade Helm, Extracted American Resistance Leaders Will be Sent to Guantanamo

  • gary h

    just as thought..
    Jade Helm is going to be hum-dingier than originally imagined..
    “imagine all the people,living in a world of peace eee he he ah he”..
    surely TPTB will try to pick off AJ in Austin,on some trumped up charge?
    maybe Jade Helm IS pretty much about shutting down Prison Planet & Infowars among-st other teeny tiny things like dis-arming Texans,& possibly starting that civil war the DHS has purchased some 1.5 BILLION[or more] VERY EXPENSIVE ARMOR PIERCING BULLETS for? that Americans in fact paid for with their tax dollars! American taxpayer paid for bullets that may well be used to kill them with! OMG..!
    as TPTB/Zionists/NWO know dam well that Texas is the big kahuna/enchilada in as far as dis-arming America/Americans..
    but then again..AJ is a STRATFOR phys-op dis info-agent according to many “conspiracy” website comment sections..we shall see..Jade Helm is obviously totally & absolutely illegal on American soil,but what else is new..our constitution was trashed for good for all intensive purposes after the 9-11 Mossad-CIA-FBI false flag..then again the USA actually became a corporation in 1872, incorporated in where else..
    Washington D.C.
    the worldwide District of Criminals

  • Dante

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these things come to fruition. After all, the misnamed Patriot Act has been active for nearly a decade and a half. Other provisions were put in place both prior to and after the Patriot Act, including the NDAA, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, and a slew of Martial Law-related executive orders that date back to the 60’s. It comes to reason that these things will be put to use as they’re fully intended once all the cards are in place and they decide to go live.

    But one thing confuses me. I’m surprised that Hodges didn’t say that the Russians would be running Guantanamo and the other facilities. Nope, it will be ordinary Americans proudly guarding the “dangerous American terrorists” at these places. All in the name of God and country.

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