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Tyrannical, Fascist, Rogues – Presenting Your Social Security Department

from The Daily Coin:

If you haven’t seen this clip you should do yourself a favor and spend the 2 short minutes to watch. CBS News explains how criminal our system has become, in an actual news article from the mainstream media! Will the masses understand this very simple fact? Most will miss the point completely, but if you are paying attention it becomes very clear, very quickly. The criminals have become desperate and have begun stealing at every turn.

Family member owe taxes? Well, the IRS, which is nothing more than the “police department” for the Federal Reserve, will be happy to steal your tax refund if one of your relatives owes back taxes. No, not police? Well, then why do they show up in bullet proof vest, 9mm pistols and automatic rifles–not semi-automatic, fully automatic. Sounds a lot like “police” to me. What is their role? Steal the money the Federal Reserve orders them to steal from you. Please remember, there is not one single federal law supporting a federal income tax–not one. If there is please leave the details, along with a link, in the comment section. I can assure there is not a single federal law supporting federal income taxes for individuals.

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