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The World’s Worst Government

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

It’s Saturday morning, after an extremely turbulent week of relentless “horrible headlines,” market manipulation, and journalistic lows. It’s nice that Kenneth Hoffman of Bloomberg shunned his bosses’ propagandist wishes, in reporting that China’s economy is “a lot worse than you think.” However, that hardly makes up for a world of government, financial, and MSM hopes, lies, and misinformation regarding the state of essentially everything else. True, Goldman Sachs actually criticized Japan’s monetary policy, in saying the Bank of Japan will destroy its credibility (as if it still had any) if it continues to print money; and in fact, expects it to expand its suicidal Abenomics stimulus program as soon as July, even though the (BOJ-supported) Nikkei closed Thursday at its highest level since – gasp – the peak of the global internet bubble, in March 2000.

However, given just how poorly the Japanese economy has responded to this money printing explosion, and how moronic the statements of top Japanese officials; such as yesterday’s comment from Economic Minister Akira Amari – that “a small bubble is something that can be contained…and if recent stock gains are signs of a mini-bubble, this is something I would welcome” – it’s difficult for even the world’s most criminal, QE-supporting bankers not to be critical.”

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