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The Trailer of “Call of Duty : Black Ops III” Portrays a Heavily Transhumanist Future

from Vigilant Citizen:

The trailer of the video game Call of Duty : Black Ops III depicts a future where the merging of humans and robots profoundly alters social order as well as the worlds of sports, medicine and warfare. Is this another case of predictive programming?

Call of Duty is an insanely popular video game franchise that sold well over 100 millions copies in the past ten years. The promotional material surrounding the latest installment of the series, entitled Black Ops III, places the game in a futuristic context where transhumanism is widespread and somewhat out of control. Here’s the trailer.

As you can see, this trailer is less about Call of Duty than it is about the future of transhumanism. It is about the creation of a “hybrid” breed of humans, their integration in various fields of human activity, the change of legislation to protect their rights, the creation of a new luxury market selling transhumanist enhancements to the rich and, of course, the creation of weaponized robot-humans to be used by the military.

We see a shot of an electronic tattoo embedded with a microchip.

The technology behind electronic tattoos has been in development for years, and its arrival in mass market is imminent – despite voices claiming that its nothing less than “the mark of the Beast”.

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1 comment to The Trailer of “Call of Duty : Black Ops III” Portrays a Heavily Transhumanist Future

  • Johan

    Same argument could go for any game, any movie you ever saw. But a game-developer can just as well make an educated guess as what’s to come in the future and transhumanism isnt a wild crazy theory.

    Try to picture a world without transhumanism when we have the capability. Whether you like ir or not people will merge with machines. Whoever controls this will have access to vast amounts of information, become super strong and never be sick.

    It IS inevitable.

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