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The Mystery Men Behind the Baltimore Riots

from Outsider Club:

As many of you probably know, The Outsider Club office is in Baltimore.

So the recent events are pretty palpable for all of us here. I passed two armored personnel carriers on my way in to work today. When I got to the office, the cafe was closed and the office building was locked down.

Suffice to say I’ve got a lot of thoughts and feelings about what’s going on, but I think it’s best to address them piece by piece, rather than all at once.

And what I want to talk about today are the “outside elements” that are reportedly holding our city hostage.
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1 comment to The Mystery Men Behind the Baltimore Riots

  • Ed_B

    “When the first episodes of violence broke out on Saturday, the mayor had this to say:

    “Many people who weren’t from our community were, in essence, trying to hijack the very raw emotions of some of those who live in Baltimore and were expressing anger over the death of Mr. Gray. People from the outside were inciting some of the ‘shut this city down’ sort of messaging, and then just left.”

    Professional agitators are very good at working up a crowd to incite them to violence and then slipping to the back of the crowd as they approach some objective, such as a store or mall. The worked up locals then do the damage while the agitators slip away to cause trouble elsewhere. It is because of this that the professional agitators seldom get caught while the dumb locals do.

    There are also the odds to consider. A couple of dozen pro-agitators can work thousands of locals into a frenzy, so the vast majority of those who get arrested will be from the largest percentage of the crowd… the locals.

    All of this is playing on the rage of the poorer classes in this country. The economy is not nearly as good as the US Gov, Fed, and media claim that it is. Those at the bottom of the economic strata know this as well, if not better than, anyone… and they resent it, as anyone would. This resentment leads to anger, hostility, and then to violence. It doesn’t take much of a spark to set off all this “gasoline” that has been left lying around.

    Just imagine how this will play out in a year or two when dozens and then hundreds of US cities explode into rioting, violence, and mayhem. If the US Gov thinks that it is difficult to handle New Orleans and Katrina, just wait until it is magnified 150-200 times, if not more. 🙁

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