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The Liar King

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

Scanning the news – and brain-dead MSM “commentary” – from the past 24 hours alone, the first thing that comes to mind is that we’re not just living in the Twilight Zone, but an “Ultra-Twilight Zone” that makes the plain old Twilight Zone appear sane and logical. To wit, the blatant, easily disproved lies – particularly regarding economic “recovery”; the egregious propaganda of a wealth-sucking establishment intent on kicking the can as far as possible; hideously irresponsible, borderline criminal corporate behavior; suicidal, comprehensively destructive fiscal and monetary policies; parabolically exploding debt, in every level of society; and financial “markets” with not a shred of free market price discovery, characterized by round the clock manipulation that even a reasonably intelligent ten year old can spot. Consequently, financial assets – and a host of real assets as well – are trading not just merely at “stretched” valuations, but all-time high levels, exceeding the most infamous manias of our era, in 1929, 1987, 2000, and 2007 (not how the recent mania are spaced far more narrowly, in response to explosive monetary stimulus).

In turn, I considered which of the various manipulative governments, bankers, and media outlets were worthy of being anointed the “liar king”; let alone, so-called “good guys,” like the countless Precious Metal-focused “newsletter writers” that employ “proprietary analysis” – technical or otherwise – to convince you to trade metal and mining shares under the perpetual assumption that gold and silver will “fall in the near term, but surge in the long-term.”

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