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The Greatest Show on Earth!

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

It is pretty much a given that we are living the end times of a three ring financial circus. If you doubt this, only a small amount of research on your part will confirm this. The odds in my opinion are quite high we will witness some sort of military confrontation as usually occurs when business deals go bad. The three leading acts today are Greece, Ukraine and special guest under the Big Top is Austria. We don’t want to slight the tensions in the Middle East but that is already in the military stage, today let’s look more closely at the financial stage.

Greece has already begun raiding public pensions to run even day to day operations. The current estimate is they will run out of cash before the end of April. It is no wonder they are having high level meetings with Moscow and will meet with Mr. Putin this coming Monday. It has been said they are not looking for a handout. This may be so but they will certainly be talking about running a pipeline through their country. As I have said all along, broke is broke, they simply cannot make payment on what they have already borrowed from the West.

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