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The Full Potential Water Supply for Earth Is Being Discovered

from LaRouchePAC:

EIR is going to release on April 15 a full issue dedicated to a breakthrough in understanding and recovering Earth’s real water supplies, as they are shaped by solar, galactic, and biospheric activity. “Don’t Let California Go Brown: The Water Is There, Develop It” is the issue’s title, and the breakthrough—expressed in the March 27 report by Ben Deniston of the LaRouchePAC Science Team—disqualifies pessimism and anti-human forced cutbacks in water use in the face of the western drought. It calls, instead, for a mobilization of science and nuclear technology to develop the real added supplies of water, and use them. Deniston’s report is “Memo for the Next President: New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis.” It was amplified in the webcast program “New Paradigm for Humanity” on April 1.

This already provides the ammunition to mobilize pro-progress activists and experts everywhere in the United States in a campaign to develop the water supplies—desalination with nuclear power, atmospheric ionization and weather modification; continental-scale water management projects—and save California and the West.

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  • oneno

    Are these people actually interested in water or is this really a ploy to prop-up the nuclear establishment with depleated uranium for tank shells and missiles?

    No where in their proposal is former President Carter’s executive order number 12058 that banned closed loop nuclear fuel cycle while only mentioning “Nuclear non-proliferation act of 1978”. “The process was perfect for producing plutonium, and the FED wanted to avoid the possibility of plutonium spreading around the world for use in nuclear weapons.”

    What is worse, the world has plenty of clean water at the poles. How much does it cost to drag those icebergs to california or any desert on the Earth as a source for clean drinking water. Once the water enters a region and is not bottled and sold off to a different part of the world, the water will remain in that geographical location and will become part of the natural hydration cycle for the region.

    Similarly, there is plenty of clean energy on the planet that you are not supposed to know about. Where is this energy you ask? Well there is the Sun that continuously spews protons and electrons known as the Solar Wind that accelerates outwards at supersonsic speeds. The earth swims through this sea of ions and electrons each and every day, 24 hours a day, year after year after year. There are seven layers of shielding around the Earth that shield against this energy. But there is a way to tap into this energy from the ionospere. A man called Tesla sucessfully tapped into that energy source. But there were more powerful interests that put an end to that venture as it would make the fossil fuel and nuclear industries obsolete.

    For mor details on water and energy, please see the following books by research scientist James McCanney (

    Principia Meteorologia – The Physics of Sun Earth Weather
    Planet X Comets and Earth Changes
    Atlantis to Tesla The Kolbrin Connection

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