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The Empire Strikes Back as Rand Takes on the Establishment

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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3 comments to The Empire Strikes Back as Rand Takes on the Establishment

    • Well, he’s just saying that because if he said what he really thought, he’d never get elected. Once he’s in office, he’ll save us, he really will. And he’ll turn on Israel because in his heart he knows the truth and will act on it. I believe Rand Paul has learned from his father mistakes in being just too honest, so he’s playing the game for now. Once elected, he’ll be like a Trojan Horse and really clean house. America will finally be on the right track again!

      Yes We Can!

      Oh wait, didn’t we just go through this same bullshit with Obama?

      Yes, the first paragraph above was total sarcasm.

      Learn more from Ken at, who believes Ron (or Rand) will become the next president (as part of the NWO strategy). Yep, people will be fooled once again.

    • Rand Paul Can Beat Hillary Clinton But He SUCKS!! (Redsilverj)

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